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Best Heroes and Hero Guide

Best Heroes and Hero Guide
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There’s a lot of heroes that you can choose from in State of Survival. You might be wondering which are the best heroes as well. Knowing more about the mechanics of your Heroes will help you learn how to use them as well, since there are different types that fill certain roles.

In this guide, we’ll help you learn about how to make your heroes stronger, how to unlock them, make them stronger, and more. You’ll also learn about the facilities that affect your heroes since they tie in to their stats. Let’s begin!

How do you unlock heroes?

You might be wondering if acquiring heroes in this game is instantaneous like gachas where you draw a ticket and get a hero immediately. In State of Survival, you don’t get heroes this way therefore unlocking them can take some time. In order to get heroes, you will need to locate them. This means that you need to collect hero fragments before they can be used.

Hero Fragments can be obtained either by playing the story line, going on intel missions, playing events, and the hero search function in the Hero Precinct. In order to know how many Hero Fragments you will need, go to the Hero Tab from the main menu and then check the fragment requirements there.

Press + to find how to unlock
Press + to find how to unlock

Clicking on the + button will let you know where you can acquire them. Once you unlock a Hero, they’ll be added on your list on the left-hand side. You’ll then be able to level them up, including their rank and skills.

Hero Troop Types

Each hero in the game can belong to the three types of troops. When playing through the game’s story, you’ll learn that any survivors you rescue will need to be trained in order to become part of your army. You have the Barracks, Garage, and Range in order to train your Infantry, Riders, and Hunters.

Check your Hero's troop type
Check your Hero's troop type

Your Heroes also follow this typing as seen in their hero details above their levels. However, you might be wondering what the troop types mean as well and what roles they have on the field? The troop types follow as functions:

Infantry: These are your foot soldiers that stand in front of the line. When training your army, they are divided into shields and shotguns as well. Shields have increased defense against bows while Shotguns have an increased defense against Riders. A Hero that belongs to this type will provide buffs to other Infantry soldiers in your march.

Riders: These are the ones who ride Bikes and ATVs. ATVs are effective in damaging infantry and the Bikers are effective in damaging hunters. In regards to your Hero, they provide buffs to Riders that join on your march.

Hunters: These are the ones who strike from a distance. For your army, they are divided into Snipers and Bows. Snipers deal better damage against Riders while Bows deal better damage against infantry. Snipers can attack riders who are behind infantry as well which bypasses the shields. If a Hero is a Hunter type, they provide buffs to Hunters in your march.

Hero Role Types

Aside from their troop types which are primary based on how much buffs they can provide for their soldiers on marches, Heroes also have role types that are done during infected fiend battles, as well as exploration battles. These are the ones where you control your heroes and fight versus hordes of enemies and choosing their skills. These types of battles let you choose up to three heroes, and 1 slot will require 1 specific role type. You will need a Marksman, Scout, and Brawler which are shown as the following icons below

Hero Roles
Hero Roles

Brawlers: These are your front liners. Whenever they are in battle, they are the ones that you can you can control and position around the field. They usually have high health and defenses and are meant to protect the rest of the team. Their skills involve crowd control where they can push back enemies, or cause area effects that will affect a lot of enemies.

Scouts: These are the ones that provide damage and utility. Their skills can include placing objects in the way that can distract enemies or slow them down. They can also affect the stats of opponents like reducing their speed in order to control their movement. Aside from those, they also deal decent damage.

Marksman: These are the heavy damage dealers. Their skills involve heavy damage in order to take down the HP of enemies as fast as they can. While the brawler is taking the front lines, and scouts do their best to slow them down, the marksman is the one usually taking the enemies out.

You should be able to check what kind of hero you have by looking at their icons on the upper left side of their character portraits at the Hero tab. You cannot switch the roles of heroes as well, so make sure to take note of that.

How do you strengthen your heroes?

Increasing the strength of your heroes will also increase your total battle power, which is why you must do this for characters that you will use often. So, what are the ways that you can do this for your heroes?

You can do all of this in the Hero tab. Once you select the Hero of your choice, you can check the different options on the right side. Your main goal for doing this is by leveling them up, increasing their rank, leveling their skills, and providing them with gear.

Hero Level: You can increase your hero level by clicking the plus icon. From there, you can provide them with combat manuals that provide them with EXP. You can also increase their levels through fighting enemies through waves such as the ones in the Explorer Trail. Take note that when leveling up your heroes, their level limit will be determined by the current level of your Hero Precinct facility. Once they have reached this limit, you will need to upgrade it to increase the cap.

Use Combat Manuals or fight enemies in the Explorer Trail
Use Combat Manuals or fight enemies in the Explorer Trail

Hero Rank: Once you have unlocked your Hero, you can still get their fragments. These are used in order to increase your Hero’s rank which increases their power. Fragments are combined with Hero Badges, and once you have met the requirements, you can rank them up. Your Hero Precinct’s level will determine the limit of your rank as well.

Use Hero Badges and Fragments to increase Rank
Use Hero Badges and Fragments to increase Rank

Skills: Increasing the level of your skills will increase their effectiveness. This also increases your battle power which is important for your hero. In order to increase their skills, you can acquire skill books through special intel missions, as well as exchanging biocaps directly. These do not come by often, so make sure to use it for heroes that you will use often.

Get Skill Books from Special Intel Missions
Get Skill Books from Special Intel Missions

Gear: If you have reached HQ Level 16, you will be able to construct the Workshop which can provide gear for your heroes. Gear slots will also appear on your hero information, and you can provide them with 3 pieces of gear for their head, body, and feet. Gear provides increased stats for your hero which really boosts their power. Gear can be crafted and upgraded if you have hero gear parts which can be acquired through the Influence Trap, or Bundles that you can purchase.

Unlock gear feature at HQ lvl 16
Unlock gear feature at HQ lvl 16

Who are the Best heroes?

Since State of Survival isn’t a gacha game, you will need to make do with which heroes you currently have. Hero fragments that you can get aren’t guaranteed through Hero Search, so collecting them can take some time. You can gain a lot with the heroes you currently have. Thankfully, the characters in this game are quite balanced, and the heroes that you can acquire early on are actually very good.

For beginners, the following characters can help you in the game’s progression tremendously:

Marksman: Sarge is your starting character, and he deals really good damage once you have increased his level, rank, and skills. Not only is his regular firepower quite strong, but his turrets can deal additional damage as well as a distraction for your enemies. His rate of fire is fast, so increasing his power can let him 1 shot enemies during waves.

Other notable Marksman: Eva


Scout: Ghost is a character that you’ll be able to acquire through the game’s story early on. You can acquire a lot of fragments for Ghost through the Explorer Trail and Special Intel missions which makes it easy for you to rank him up. He provides great support and damage since his paint cans can block enemies in their path just enough so that they can be taken down from afar.

Other notable scouts: Travis, Maddie & Frank


Brawler: Rusty is also a character that you’ll get early on in the game. His skills enable him to push back enemy opponents and hit multiple ones at a time which are good for crowd control. Not only can he take multiple enemies at once, he can also take a beating due to his health and defense. When partnered with Ghost, he can shoot enemies who are near the paint cans before they can reach him as well.

Other notable Brawlers: Chef


The State that you are in will determine how old it is, therefore other Heroes will be added later on through events such as Survival of the Fittest, Ray's Place, and more. By focusing first on your basic heroes, you can then prepare for the ones to be added later.

Best Heroes per Activity

There are many tasks in State of Survival such as fighting the infected, gathering resources, completing intel and explorer missions, and so forth. So knowing hero for the job can be handy right? Based on what you have, you can get heroes for free or there are also those that can be purchased. Here is a list of heroes that can provide you with boosts depending on the activity that you choose:

Best Heroes for fighting Infected and Fiends

One of the main tasks in the wilderness is to take down the infected, as well as infected fiends. You can get resources, as well as fragments for Sarge. Here are the troops that you can acquire for this activity:

  • Travis: Participate in the Hunting the Hunter event in order to get his fragments. You can get bonuses with Travis such as lesser stamina consumption during marches, and he has increased stats versus infected enemies. You can also arrive faster with bonuses on March speed.
  • Nikola Can be acquired through purchasing type events. He is an infantry type hero that has bonuses versus infected enemies.
  • Sarge: One of your starting heroes, and you obtain a lot of fragments for him. You can easily rank him up which can increase his power.

    Best Heroes for defending versus infected

    There are events such as the Infected Horde which send waves of enemies to your settlement. Having the best heroes patrolling your Barricade will help you get bonuses in defending the settlement. Here are the troops that you can acquire for this activity:

  • Nikola Can be acquired through purchasing type events. He is an infantry type hero that has bonuses versus infected enemies.
  • Maddie & Frank: Has Settlement Troop attack bonus
  • Ash: Has Settlement Troop attack bonus
  • Trish: Has Settlement Troop lethality bonus

    Best Heroes for gathering resources

    Once you run out of Stamina, you can still send troops to abandoned resource locations and gather food, wood, metal, and gas. The stronger troops you send, the more gathering and capacity they can collect. Here are the troops that you can acquire for this activity:

  • Mike: Bonus for Food Gathering
  • Chef: Bonus for Wood gathering
  • Rusty: Bonus for Metal Gathering
  • Ghost: Bonus for Gas Gathering

    Best Heroes for attacking and rallying player Settlements

    Before sending out a troop march versus a settlement, sending a recon first to see your enemy's troop power is vital. Your total battle power and troops will then play a role to your success if you are strong enough. If you're rallying, you can also have some heroes that have rally bonuses Some heroes however provide bonuses for this activity:

  • Ray & Rolex: Increased enemy settlement Troop Attack/ Increases Rally Troop Attack
  • Jeb: Increased enemy settlement Troop Lethality
  • Trish: Increased enemy settlement Troop Attack debuff
  • Maddie & Frank: Increases Rally Troop Attack
  • Miho/Lucky: Increases Rally Troop Health
  • Nikola/Zoe: Increases Rally Troop Defense
  • Wolfe: Increases Rally Troop Lethality

    Best Heroes for defending your settlement against players

    If you're going to defend your settlement against players, having good battle power is needed as well as a decent level for your barricade. Station your heroes against attacks if your lookout tower sends an alert. The following heroes can help your survival versus others:

  • Wolfe: Has increased settlement Defense bonus
  • Ash: Has Settlement Troop attack bonus
  • Maddie & Frank: Has Settlement Troop attack bonus
  • Trish: Increased enemy settlement Troop Attack debuff

    Since there aren’t many characters yet in the game, focusing on these three is actually good for your main team. Later on, you can unlock characters such as Jane through the locate Jane event as a good addition to your team. Also, you aren’t locked down specific characters since you can send out multiple marches.

    Having multiple heroes of each type will be the most beneficial for you. So, focus on whichever ones that you have already. Remember that their levels, rank, gear, and skills are more important that their rarity. We hope that our State of Survival Heroes guide has helped you understand more about the different mechanics of heroes in this game. If you have anything to add please let us know below. If you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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