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Construction Speedups

Construction Speedups
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Construction is a huge part of State of Survival, you have a lot of facilities that you can upgrade, and they all provide you with Battle Power, bonuses, and new features. Sometimes instead of letting the timer run out, you’ll use speed ups to hasten the process.

The Construction Speedups event provides you with rewards for using speedups, so they’re a great way for you to use them. You’ll get resources, items, and even try to aim for the leaderboard for extra rewards!

Construction Speedups Mechanics

This is a classic event that will appear from time to time and it has a short duration. Whenever it’s occurring, you can get points for using speedups and this will be calculated for the rewards that can be given.

Construction Speedups Event
Construction Speedups Event

How to Earn Points: In order to gain points, you’ll simple use speedups on construction and this must exclude alliance timer helps. 1 minute of speed up will equal to 1 point.

There will be several tiers of rewards depending on the target points of construction. Once you have met the last tier, you can then aim for the leaderboard which can give extra rewards.

Construction Speedups Rewards

Since the event is short, you’ll have four tiers of points to aim that give specific rewards. After that, players who reach the leaderboard will be provided extra items. Here are the points targets and their corresponding rewards:

Solo Points Target
Solo Points Target 10
x70 1000 Food, x70 1000 Wood
Solo Points Target 724
x65 Combat Manual I, x493 10,000 Food, x483 10,000 Wood, x98 10,000 Metal, x240 1000 Gas
Solo Points Target 1809
x4 Epic Hero Badge, x395m Building Speedup, x39 5m Research Speedup, x39 5m Training Speedup
Solo Points Target 3437
x2 Epic Search Maps, x5 Legendary Hero Badge

Players who get high points can reach the Leaderboard, and the number of items they can receive will depend on their placement. You can click the Leaderboards button and see the ranking rewards to know the specific amount. Here are the possible items you can get:

  • Biocaps
  • 1 Hour Speedups
  • Epic Search Map
    [li[ 5 Minute Speedups

  • Construction Speedups Tips

    If you want to get the most rewards as possible, then you’ll want to have a lot of construction ongoing in your settlement, right? Here are some tips that you can do if you’re preparing:

    1. Save up your speedups and use them only when needed. The more speedups you stock up on, the better ranking placement you’ll get for the event.
    2. Avoid using the Alliance Timer Help feature during the event. This way you’ll get more minutes that you can use your speedups on.
    3. Try constructing a facility during this event that has a long construction time such as the Headquarters.

    You can opt to finish out all of your reserved speedups during this event, and it will all be beneficial for your settlement either way. Similar to the kill stage event, construction speedups rewards you for using your items in the game.

    We hope that our guide has helped you with this event. Please check our events section on the right-hand side to see the different kinds of events that can occur in the game. If you have anything to add please let us know below. If you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.


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