State of Survival

Hints and Tips for State of Survival

Hints and Tips for State of Survival
State of Survival Guide

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State of Survival has a great deal of depth to the options and game play. It does its best to lead you through the initial stages to get you started on the missions, intel, campaign stories and upgrades that you need to progress through. But it can be quite confusing to follow all the threads of this game.

Below we have a list of the best tips and tricks to remember as you play through the game to keep you on the right track.

Upgrade, Research, Train

State of Survival Training Facilities
State of Survival Training Facilities

As with many combat strategy games your overall power will determine your effectiveness in battles, and your ability to progress through the objectives you are faced with in the rest of the game.

For this reason, we recommend that you keep your building, research and training queues active for as much time as you can. The more you do the more rewards you can earn and the more you can then continue progressing in your base.

Explorer Trial missions

State of Survival Explorer Trail
State of Survival Explorer Trail

The explorer trial missions are one of the more unique items for this game type and give you a change to pit your heroes against a campaign style set of missions that increase in difficulty. Some progress in your camp will be needed to unlock some of these and continuous work on upgrading your heroes skills and levels will also be needed to ensure you can complete them. They are a good way to earn more hero fragments and other useful items so make sure you follow along this story line.

Story & Daily missions

Check the Events billboard too
Check the Events billboard too

In addition to the Explorer trail there are story missions to complete in the game. These will become available naturally as you build up your base and work through the chapters and completing them will net you some very useful rewards.

Daily rewards and missions are a set of requirements that will earn you points each day towards unlocking more rewards. The targets are simple game related items such as helping your alliance, training troops and attacking zombies.

The more points you can earn each day the higher the level of rewards you can get which can include epic searches and even legendary items.

Remember to also check out all the daily free items available to collect.

Join an active alliance

Hints and Tips for State of Survival

It is very important to be part of an alliance in State of Survival and finding an active one that can support you and be available to help with the group activities will make playing the game much easier. Being an active member of the alliance will also make you some friends and help the alliance grow in power and statue in your state.

Hero Searches

Hints and Tips for State of Survival

Each day you will receive some free 'Hero Search' credits which you can use in the Hero Precinct to find hero related fragments and items. And you may also earn tickets to give you more search. The changes of getting the hero shards that you want are low but there will be rewards and its an ease way to get the shards eventually.

The daily free searches don't stack so remember to check in every day and use them up to give yourself the best chances.

Work on your Chief

Hints and Tips for State of Survival

Your Chief is the character you first meet in the game and is in control of your forces in the settlement. While he doesn't seem to do a lot every action can earn you Exp and help you improve your battle power and unlock talents that will improve your battle or development abilities. In time you can also equip special gear items to make even more bonuses.

You can access the chiefs details by tapping the picture in the top left of the screen. When he levels up you will unlock talent points which you can assign in the Talent trees by selecting it at the bottom. Assigning points in the War tree will probably be the most useful to you unless you are planning a very peaceful run farming your way to a higher level.

Gather when you are not playing

Hints and Tips for State of Survival
Once you reach level 10 you can make use of the resource plots to be found in the wilderness. These are a good source of supplies and materials for your upgrades and a good way to keep your troops active and useful when you are away from the game.

Check your mail & backpack

Hints and Tips for State of Survival

As you complete the quests, missions, story events and other activities in the game you will receive many items and mails with rewards. Other special events and developer giveaways will also come to you in mails and many will need to be found and collected before they expire to make sure you can use them.

It can be easy to forget and miss some of these items so remember to check your mails and the back pack inventory from time to time to see what you have gained recently.

That's it for our hints and tips for State of Survival. If you have anything to add please let us know below. If you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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