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Influencer Trap Guide

Influencer Trap Guide
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Outside the settlement, you have a lot of things that you will have to protect yourself from. In the Wilderness, you can rescue survivors, fight fiends, as well as rally versus the infected with your alliance. You might notice as well, that an alliance can set out influencer traps. What exactly are they?

In this guide, we’ll discuss about what an Influencer is, as well as the rewards that you can acquire. You’ll learn about the group effort that’s needed in order to take down monsters such as this since they open only during specific periods depending on the alliance leader or the R4 members.

What are Influencers?

No, these aren’t those social media people going around the internet these days. In State of Survival, influencers are strong enemies that you’ll have to trap and then battle with group effort. Unlike searching for infected fiends in the wilderness, you’ll need to use an alliance feature to lure them out.

State of Survival Influencer Trap
State of Survival Influencer Trap

Influencers can be fought with an Influencer Trap. When an alliance leader decides to build this, players can donate Energy Cells to it. Once it’s filled with 100 pieces, the trap can be used. You can then choose which influencer to battle, and you’ll begin with an Easy one starting at level 1.

How do Influencer traps work?

Once your Alliance is finished building the trap, can anyone use it as long as the energy cells have been met? Well, the trap is considered as an in-game event meant for alliance members therefore only the alliance leaders as well as R4 ranks can open the trap.

The trap can lure different levels of influencers, and there are various difficulties as well ranging from easy to insane. The max of which, is insane level with a level 30 influencer. You should see their HP on the right-hand side, as well as the possible rewards. Defeating the influencers will then unlock the next level until you reach the last difficulty.

Trap Cooldown
Trap Cooldown

Once a trap is opened, you can have up to two to six chiefs on a rally and challenge the influencer. An important thing to note that once a trap is opened, you only have 30 minutes in order to enter and try to attack. Once the boss is killed, or if 30 minutes has passed, the trap will close for 48 hours. You will then have to donate energy cells and try again after.

This can be quite tricky if you are in an alliance that isn’t active with members, or if there are different timezones for all people. A good tip is to schedule influencer trap evens by agreeing about the time when you open it. The game’s server time is shown on the upper left side of the screen. Remember, this type of event requires teamwork and coordination. Not only do you need to have a proper team in your own army, but you’ll need to have alliance members who’ll follow the schedule as well!

What rewards can be obtained from Influencer Traps?

There are different rewards depending on the type of influencer that you battle, but they all increase depending on the difficulty of the boss that is defeated. There are rewards depending on your victory, as well as the damage rankings The Influencer trap is a good way for you to obtain the following items:

  • Eva Hero Fragments
  • Alliance Honor
  • Alliance Funds
  • Hero Gear Parts
  • Hero Gear Design

    One thing to note of here are Hero Gear Parts and Hero Gear Design. Once you have reached Headquarters level 16 in your settlement, you’ll be able to unlock the Workshop which you can use to craft gear for your heroes, as well as your Chief. These items are required for crafting, upgrading, as well as researching hero gear which becomes important later on in order to increase your Battle Power.

    Gear Crafting
    Gear Crafting

  • Tips for which Heroes to send

    Now that you know how influencer trap works, you might wonder if there’s a guide for which heroes you can send, is there a list that you can have for F2P and P2P players? An important aspect to note when fighting influencers are, they you just need to take it down as fast as possible. Since they’re not the types to attack back, you wouldn’t want to use infantry troops. Here’s a general guide that you can follow:

    F2P Players:
  • Brawler: Chef
  • Scout: Maddie & Frank or Jane
  • Marksman: Eva or Sarge

    P2P Players:
  • Brawler: Brooke, Ernie, Ash, Nikola, Wolf
  • Scout: Julie, Zach, Miho, Maddie & Frank, Trish
  • Marksman: Tyler, Jarrett, Zoe, Jeb, Eva Sarge

    In regards to your troops, you will want to avoid sending infantry types in. The influencer that you fight only needs to be taken down, and infantry are meant to be shields instead of attackers. You can send in Hunters or Riders instead, so try sending the ones that you have the highest damage with.

    Check your Chief Profile by clicking Stats on the bottom menu
    Check your Chief Profile by clicking Stats on the bottom menu

    You might be wondering which of the two you’ll choose right? This depends after all with the types you have trained in your settlement. In order to know if your Riders or Hunters are stronger, click your profile icon on the upper left side of the screen in order to see your Chief Profile. At the menu on the bottom, click Stats and then scroll down until you see the Military section. You’ll be able to find if your Riders or Hunters have higher attack or not.

    Aside from having a good hero and troop combination, the highest factor still is your alliance coordination. The Alliance Leader and their corresponding R4 Ranks must coordinate with the rally joiners if they’ll hold alliance events. Since everyone could be in different locations, try to find a time where everyone can join since you only have 30 minutes in order for the trap to be open.

    The rewards that you get will help with your battle power immensely since this is the way for you to farm materials for your gear. We hope that our influencer guide has helped you with learning the basics, as well as the tips that you need in order to challenge this alliance event. If you have anything to add please let us know below. If you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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