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Ray's Place

Ray's Place
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Getting rewards through events is a nice way of stocking up on your resources and items, sometimes there are events that can provide Legendary Hero Fragments as well. Ray’s Place is an event specifically all about rewards, but this will involve some luck!

In this Classic event, Ray’s Place will appear every now and then so you can try your luck and spin a wheel for rewards. Each time this event is shown, a featured Legendary Hero is available that can provide you with fragments for locating new heroes.

Ray’s Place Event Mechanics

In this event, it’s quite straightforward on how you can get your rewards. You’ll be presented with a wheel that you can spin, and whatever you land on will be your reward. For the entirety of the event’s duration, you can get 1 free spin on each day. Alternatively, you can use real cash to get more spins, or use your Biocaps as well.

Ray's Place
Ray's Place

There are two types of Spins you can do. 1 Spin, and 10 Spins. Choosing the 10 Spins will let you get a total of 10 types of rewards at once, and this cost cheaper than doing single spins at a time. It’s very simple since you just click a button and get your reward.

Ray’s Place Rewards

You can directly see the rewards on the wheel at Ray’s Place. However, one feature here is the Legendary Hero. The one that is shown during the event will vary depending on how old your State is. New States always start with Maddie & Frank, and then new legendary heroes are added later on. Aside from these Legendary Fragments, you can acquire the following:

  • Resources
  • Speedups
  • Combat Manuals

    Doing many spins will also provide you with a crate loot filled with items, and you can get a total of 5 pieces in total if you get spins a lot. In regards to the Legendary Heroes that can appear, they are provided over time depending on the age of your current State. Heroes can be acquired later on, and Ray’s Place is a good way for you to get the fragments in order to locate them. So far, the following heroes have been released:

  • Maddie & Frank
  • Trish
  • Ash
  • Zach

  • Ray’s Place Tips

    Since there really isn’t much you need to do with this event, you’ll just need to click the button and then wait for your rewards, right? Well, you can actually prepare for this event if you choose to locate Legendary Heroes in the future once your State gets older. Here are some Tips for this event:

    1. Make sure to claim your Free spin each day of the event. A chance is still a chance an you can even get a fragment.

    2. You have the option to use Chips for spinning the wheel, or use Biocaps. Chips cost real money, and there are different bundles available. For Biocaps, 1 Spin costs 1,500 while 10 Spins cost 13,500. This means that the 10 Spins will be cheaper, than doing individual spins.

    3. Save your Biocaps in advance for this event. A lot are given out as rewards through the game, and you can easily acquire enough for 20 spins or more. The chances of getting the fragments here are decent enough, so locating new upcoming Heroes can be done here.

    If you’re planning to spend, or use Biocaps, Ray’s Place is a good event to use it on since you get good rewards. Legendary Heroes provide you with better stats, so getting the fragments needed to rank them up is crucial in order to get Stronger. With this event, you’ll be able to do that as long as you have prepared in advance.

    We hope that our guide has helped you with this event. Please check our events section on the right-hand side to see the different kinds of events that can occur in the game. If you have anything to add please let us know below. If you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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