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Wild Racing

Wild Racing
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If there’s a Zombie Apocalypse going on, do you get to have the leisure of racing versus other players? Sadly, the Wild Racing event doesn’t actually involve any vehicles much. This is an event that lets you get bonus items depending on how active you play.

It’s much of an event where there’s actual racing that’s involved, so let’s discuss the mechanics of this event, and what special feature it has. Wild Racing is one of the events that get rotated in the game’s calendar since it’s one of the classic events.

Wild Racing Event Mechanics

So what exactly do you need to do in Wild Racing? Well, the interface of this event may be familiar to you since you can find it with other games as well. Think of Wild Racing similar to a Battle Pass, where there are rewards given out based on how much points you’re able to get. The more points you have, the more items can be obtained. It’s a good bonus for you to get items such as resources, badges, speed ups, manuals, and more.

Wild Racing Event
Wild Racing Event

How to get Points: Racing Points can be obtained by completing your missions for Daily Rewards. If you check the daily mission list from the main menu, you’ll see a progress bar of different chests. Completing your missions will let you get rewards from those, and that’s where you acquire Racing Points. This is why maxing out your daily rewards is a must while the event is ongoing.

Complete Daily Missinos
Complete Daily Missinos

Wild Racing Rewards

The Wild Racing event is all about rewards. If you check the event page, you’ll find that there are two tiers of rewards available: Normal and Gold. This means that it can provide free rewards if you’re doing your usual daily missions, or you can get extras if you decide to purchase the Gold Tier.

  • Normal Tier Rewards: Speedups, Resources, Combat Manuals, Epic Hero Badges, Epic Skill Book
  • Gold Tier Rewards: Biocaps, Hero Gear Parts, Chief EXP, Legendary Hero Badges Speedups, Epic Search Map, Nikola Fragments

    One thing to note, is that the Wild Racing event is your main way to get the Legendary Hero, Nikola. He’s an Infantry type and is one of the better ones in the game. If you purchase the Gold tier, you can get a total of 10 Nikola Fragments if you fully complete all rewards.

  • Wild Racing Tips

    If you do plan to purchase the Gold Tier, your aim is to get Nikola by completing all fragments available. Nikola is a very good Hero that’s able to paralyze opponents, as well as provide a boost to his team by providing additional damage. He can place a Tesla tower that can distract enemies while it attacks at the same time. Since Nikola is of Legendary Rarity, his stats are better than other infantry types that are available.

    Legendary Hero: Nikola
    Legendary Hero: Nikola

    Aside from the Daily Rewards, you cannot purchase racing points. If you decide to participate in this event, it would be best for you to check the event schedule if you have enough time to complete all tier rewards. This is a rotating event; so it can appear again at a later time. Only purchase the Gold Tier if the Wild Racing Event just started. This way you will have enough time to complete it, as well as points. It would be a waste if you purchase the Gold Tier if the event is about to end.

    We hope that our guide has helped you with this event. Please check our events section on the right-hand side to see the different kinds of events that can occur in the game. If you have anything to add please let us know below. If you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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