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Reservoir Raid

Reservoir Raid
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Water, it’s a very important resource and it gives us life. If you’re in a Zombie filled world, then getting water is vital for survival. Not only will resources be scarce, but you might need to fight for it as well. The Reservoir Raid is an event where you compete versus other alliances in order to gain water.

Not only will your alliance help each other, but your performance will determine the value of rewards that you can get. Here, you can learn the basics of the guide as well as know the rewards and some tips if you’re going to participate.

Reservoir Raid Mechanics

In the Reservoir Raid, there’s going to be different stages across a field where different locations will appear. Your main goal is to control these locations and get water as points. Since you’re competing versus another alliance, defending will also occur. Strategy of which building to occupy is vital if you want more points.

Alliance: Top 20 Alliance Power is needed before you can register
Solo: HQ Level 16 and above, must be member of an Alliance

A plain filed with two zones will appear to show each side of competitors. In order for you to enter, you must make sure that you do not have any troops marching or having a recon. Troops must all be healed as well, and there shouldn’t be any troops hidden in the Blast Shelter as well as Reinforced in someone else’s settlement.

Reservoir Raid Field
Reservoir Raid Field

Your Alliance will be placed in the Blue field, and your opponent is Red. There’s going to be three stages in the reservoir raid where you’ll have to collect water, control buildings, as well as defend them. Here are the buildings that will appear per stage of battle:

Stage 1
Water Treatment Centers, Water Processing Plants, Solar Power Stations, Abandoned Helipads
Stage 2
Central Reservoir, Munitions Factories, Dev Compounds
Stage 3
Water Tanks will be randomly refreshed

Your main goal is to control and occupy as much buildings as possible. You can get water points for your alliance, as well as for solo points. First time Controls will get points therefore getting to a building first and successfully taking it will provide you with an advantage.

Occupying these buildings will provide you with points each minute that passes. Defending these buildings with strong troops is vital if you want to keep increasing your point count. The Central Reservoir is the building that provides you with the most amount, so controlling it first and defending it as much as possible will provide you the best benefits. Other buildings provide additional functions as well:

Water Tank: Lets you get Purified Water; it gets refreshed 3 times and the locations will be random
Munitions Factory: Activates Combat Benefits
Solar Power Station: Reduce Building Control Time
Helipad: Reduce Relocator Cooldown Time
Dev Compound: Release targeted waves of infected

Reservoir Raid Rewards

There are two kinds of rewards that can be obtained in the Reservoir Raid: Alliance Rewards, and Solo Rewards. Depending on your placement for winning or losing, the number of items will be affected. While Solo Rewards will be based on your points. Here are the rewards that you can get:

Alliance Rewards: Reservoir Coin, Biocaps, Advanced Relocator, Epic Search Map, Resources
Solo Rewards: Reservoir Coin, Biocaps, Legendary Hero Badge, 1 Hour Speedups, Combat Manual II

Reservoir Coins are a special currency that can be used on the Reservoir Store. You can access this by pressing the Store button and choosing the Reservoir section at the bottom. Different items can be found here such as legendary fragments, chief related items, speedups, and more.

Reservoir Store
Reservoir Store

Reservoir Raid Tips

Getting as much buildings to control and defend is vital for winning the reservoir raid. So, this means you’ll want to have a good number of troops and more. Here are some tips for the Reservoir Raid:

1. Increase your Headquarters, Hero Precinct, Garage, Barracks, and Range levels in order to increase your battle power. Your troops will be dependent on the highest upgrade you can get from the training facilities.

2. Higher tiered troops will provide the better power. Make sure to check your opponents as well and see If you have enough battle power to take them down. If needed, rally against your opponent in order to get increased power by getting help from your allies.

3. If you have a weaker team trying to defend a building, send reinforcements in order to strengthen the defenses.

4. Aim for first control of buildings that have a high number of points. Discuss with your alliance mates regarding who has the strongest battle power in order to know which one can strike others down.

Having good team coordination is needed for the Reservoir Raid. This is one of the ways you can strengthen in-game since you can get gear related items on the reservoir store, so try to participate during this event.

We hope that our guide has helped you with this event. Please check our events section on the right-hand side to see the different kinds of events that can occur in the game. If you have anything to add please let us know below. If you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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