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Free stuff in State of Survival

Free stuff in State of Survival
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State of Survival is a free to play game with the option to buy various bundles and subscriptions to help you progress faster. Many of these are of great use and will help to support the developers in improving the game for everyone.

To help the free to play gamers though the developers have made sure to include a lot of options to gain free items every day.

VIP store

Free stuff in State of Survival

Tap the VIP icon in the top left under your Battle Power and Prosperity power details to enter the VIP store. You can also access this by pressing the Store button on the main menu on the lower area. In here you will find the option to pay for various VIP privileges in the game but also some free items.

At the top you can claim VIP point every day that will raise your VIP level. Doping this each day will let you unlock better rewards. There is also a free VIP bundle to be claimed each day. Find the unlocked bundle depending on your current VIP level and claim it.

Final Hope Transmissions

Free stuff in State of Survival

After you reclaim and fix up the helicopter at the start of the tutorial section you can start receiving transmissions from Final Hope. Each one of these will give you a small reward such as speedups. These will be generated regularly each day starting with once every 2 minutes with the timer extending each time you collect one.

Over time this will become less important but when you are starting out claiming these will help you with the takes you need to complete.

Daily Rewards

Free stuff in State of Survival

The daily rewards are found by tapping on the Events Bill board building that will initially be in the center of your camp area. The rewards are unlocked and claimed when you earn points from completing daily tasks such as training troops, collecting resources, donating to your alliance and more. Being active and completing these tasks every day will get you some very useful items.

Daily Deal

Free stuff in State of Survival

The daily deal is another reward that you can claim each day. To find it though you need to face the temptation of the shop. Tap the + button in the top right next to the BioCap total to find the shop with all the handle items you can buy. The free option though can be found under the Daily Deal Tab.

Check at the top of the daily deal options to see the free reward create and claim it each day to get your free items.

Mail & Backpack

Free stuff in State of Survival

The mail and your back pack will often contain items and rewards that you have earned from events and activities in the game. These are not giveaways but are just free items that you have earned from playing the game normally. It can be easy to overlook them though so remember to check your back pack and the mail regularly to collect them.

If you have any more info to add please let us know in the comments below. If you have any questions for this game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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