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Fortress Fight

Fortress Fight
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Challenging other alliances in your State for competitive action is a fun way to spend your time with your friends and alliance mates. In the Fortress Fight event, you can team up with your entire alliance in order to defeat a fortress boss and gain control of it, you can then challenge other alliances trying to get to the same fortress by defending it with your troops.

This alliance event requires teamwork, and it can be confusing at first on what you need to do. The rewards given out will be based on your alliance performance, and you can participate it in a season for ranking up as well.

Fortress Fight Event Mechanics

How would you describe the Fortress Fight event in simple terms? It’s an Alliance event where the leader registers for the event, and you’ll be able to participate in fortress fights of your choice. Once the fight begins, an alliance will rally versus a boss that’s in the fortress to take it down. After that, whoever captures the fortress successfully must defend it until the timer ends.

Fortress Fight Registration and Schedule
Fortress Fight Registration and Schedule

This is a PVP centric event because you will have alliances fighting against each other. Depending on the participants, you can have multiple alliances stationed at a fortress ready to capture it and defend it. People are also getting ready to fight other alliances who have captured the fortress.

There are two stages of a Fortress fight that you need to do in order to win. There is the attack phase, and defense phase.

Attack Phase: The first stage is to capture the fortress by defeating the boss. This is done through a rally where you can send troops to the rally setter in order to attack the fortress. In order to ensure success, the alliance must prepare in advance, the Rally Setter with the highest level for Battle Power and Troop Capacity will be required. The rest of the alliance members, will then send the requested troops to the rally.

Attack Phase
Attack Phase

Defense Phase: The second stage will be to defend the fortress once you have captured it. You will need to Garrison the fortress, and defend it versus other attackers. In doing so, you’ll want to have your best troops available in the garrison which are infantry types since they provide the best defense.

Defense Phase
Defense Phase

Once the timer is finished, and if you are successful at defending the fortress, you’ll win the fight. The rewards that are sent out are given to the Alliance Leader and R4 members, and they can spread the rewards to the alliance members.

Fortress Fight Rewards

Successful Control of a fortress will provide rewards for the alliance that can be spread out to the members who have participated in the event. Depending on how many successful fortresses you have defended, your alliance will get points. The following items can be obtained from this event:

  • Legendary Skill Book
  • Avatar Frame
  • Biocaps
  • Hero Gear Parts
  • Epic Search Map
  • Speedups
  • First Occupant Crate (May contain Biocaps, 1 Hour Speedup, Combat Manual II)
  • Occupation Crate (May contain Biocaps, Speedups, Resources)
  • Warrior Crate (May contain Advanced Search Map, Speedups, Resources)
  • Control Crate (May contain Epic Search Map, Advanced Search Map, Combat Manual II)

    The crates that are given through participation rewards, alliance rewards, and special rewards. Victory for claiming and defending the fortress will provide these. The rest of the rewards are given out per Season of Fortress Fight, and they get increased amounts as your alliance ranks up.

  • Fortress Fight Tips

    Since this is an Alliance event, you’ll need proper communication with all of your alliance members. The event should be planned by the Alliance Leader and their corresponding R4 members. Your strategy for the fight will depend on them since they will do the schedule, as well as suggesting the troop formation. Here are some tips that can help you with the fortress fight.

    1. Prepare in advance before the fortress fight starts. The Alliance leader signs up for the fortress fight schedule so they should inform their alliance members. Before the fight begins, you can request your alliance members who are participating to station themselves near the Fortress that you will capture.

    2. The Rally Setter should have the highest level and troop capacity. This will let them receive troops from other alliance members and they can handle more players for the rally. If your alliance’s rally is stronger than your enemies, then you have the better chances of controlling the fortress.

    3. Discuss the troop formations in advance with your alliance. For attacking, it’s good to have troops of Infantry, Hunters, and Riders together while for defending, you’ll want full infantry to be garrisoned.

    4. Once you successfully capture the fortress, you will need to defend it versus other alliances. Make sure to station high tiered infantry to the garrison to maximize the defense potential.

    Participation during the event is also a key factor for winning. If the alliance you are against with has more members stationed, then they can have a higher chance of winning. Talk to your alliance members in advance, strengthen your troops and HQ, and work together as a team.

    We hope that our guide has helped you with this event. Please check our events section on the right-hand side to see the different kinds of events that can occur in the game. If you have anything to add please let us know below. If you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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