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How to Bind your game

How to Bind your game
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Your game progress in State of survival is help online but linked to your phone or device to let you load when you start the app. This works well but does not protect you if you have to reinstall the game or lose your current device. You may also want to be able to play on more than one device.

To back up your game you need to bind it to an external account. This can be done in the settings menu which you can reach by tapping on your avatar image in the top left corner to get to the Chief Profile page and then finding the settings icon on the bottom right.

How to Bind your game

In the settings menu tap on the Account option and then 'Bind Account'. The game will currently let you bind to external accounts such as Facebook, Google, VK.

Once the game is bound to one of these you can return and unbind it again if you want to change the account you are using or want to start a new game and delete the old one.

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