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Infected Horde

Infected Horde
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Out in the Wilderness, you send out troops in order to defeat infected enemies in order to gain resources and rewards. But what happens if suddenly waves of infected go to your Settlement instead? Would you be able to defend your settlement and stand your grand versus enemies coming in succession?

The Infected Horde is an Alliance event where the Leader can call in an Infected that can send in waves of enemies to everyone. Your goal is to stand your grand in the settlement and make sure your defenses are intact. You can also help your stronger alliance members reinforce their settlement.

Infected Horde Event Mechanics

How does this event work exactly and what do you need to do? During an Infected Horde event, your alliance leader can begin a timer where waves of enemies will march towards each alliance member’s settlements. An enemy leader will appear near your Alliance HQ, and they will be sending hordes in waves to attack. Your goal, is to defend your settlement, heal your troops, and send reinforcements to your allies.

Your Lookout Tower will detect the wave and show a timer before the horde hits your settlement. You must ensure that your Barricade has your strongest heroes on patrol in order to maximize your defense. If your settlement has failed to defend from an enemy attack 2 times, then hordes will stop going to you. You can then focus on helping your stronger alliance members by sending reinforcements to their settlement.

Use the Lookout Tower to check the enemy wave incoming
Use the Lookout Tower to check the enemy wave incoming

The event will still go on, and all alliance members are going to be involved whether they are online or not. There will be a total of 2 hours during the event duration, and 10 waves of enemies will start coming in. Each wave succeeding will send out higher level hordes, so your settlement will have troubles once a stronger horde wave is incoming.

Waves will come in from the Horde Leader
Waves will come in from the Horde Leader

There is a total of 20 Horde Waves incoming, and each of them will get a higher level per wave. Your HQ Level, and training facility level will help determine your defense success as follows:

  • HQ Level 16: You can defend versus the first 13 waves easily
  • HQ level 18: You can defend yourself until the 17th wave
  • HQ level 25 and up: You can defend yourself versus the rest if you receive reinforcements from alliance members

  • Infected Horde Rewards

    Since the Infected Horde is an Alliance event, you’ll be scored depending on your successful defense. Individually, you can be scored based on how many waves you have defended during the event. There is also a score based on how long your entire alliance has survived the wave. The rewards are provided 12 hours after the event, and you can claim them from the Rewards Stash button at the Events Billboard. The following rewards can be given out:

  • Alliance Honor
  • Alliance Funds
  • Resources
  • Crafting Items

    Take note that leaving the alliance will remove the rewards. If you plan to leave, make sure you have claimed your rewards first! Two sets of rewards will be provided to you based on your Solo performance, as well as Alliance performance.

  • Infected Horde Tips

    Since the event requires the participation of the whole Alliance, the Alliance Leader and their R4s in command should help explain the situation to all alliance members. Out of the 20 total waves of enemies, there are three Horde Masters, and 2 Horde Overlords that you’ll have to face. Here are some tips for you survive in the Infected Horde.

    1. Raise your HQ level to 16 or higher. This way you’ll be able to defend the first 13 waves easily, and this includes 1 Horde Master at the 7th wave. Horde Masters will only attack specific people, but as long as you’re strong enough you should be able to survive. Extra points are awarded for sending reinforcements.

    2. Do not rally versus infected or fiends during the Horde Event. You will want your Heroes and Troops to remain in your settlement so they can defend it.

    3. At the 10th wave, a Level 10 Horde Overlord will attack your Alliance HQ. Send Tier 5 and above Hunters and Riders to reinforce the HQ until the wave ends.

    4. At the 14th wave, a Level 14 Horde Master will attack 15 alliance members. At the 17th wave, a Level 17 Horde Master will also attack 15 alliance members. If you are targeted, tell your alliance so you can get reinforcements. If others ask for help, send reinforcements to them.

    5. At the 20th wave, a level 20 Horde Overlord will attack your alliance HQ. Tier 9 Troops or higher are the best for reinforcing the HQ, and make sure you send Hunters and Riders.

    6. Your settlement might burn during this event and this is normal. If your HQ level is not high enough, you might not survive some incoming waves and you’ll be out. You will need to focus on helping your other alliance members instead by sending reinforcements.

    With group effort, surviving until the last wave will give you a lot of rewards for the entire alliance. The event should be planned by the Alliance leader in order to let the members know which schedule is the best time in order to have a lot of members participate actively.

    We hope that our guide has helped you with this event. Please check our events section on the right-hand side to see the different kinds of events that can occur in the game. If you have anything to add please let us know below. If you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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