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Alliance Showdown

Alliance Showdown
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Defeating enemies and catching flags in order to win sounds like something you’d enjoy in a real group event. In State of Survival, you can participate in the Alliance Showdown and provide your team with your troops in order to get a chance of winning.

The Alliance Showdown lets you fight other alliances and let your team be the last one standing. Once all flags are captured, then you’ll be the winner! In this guide we’ll help you with the mechanics, rewards, and tips that you can read in order to prepare.

Alliance Showdown Mechanics

If the Alliance Showdown is part of your event calendar, you can view the interface directly through the event. You’ll see that there are some blue and red figures on both sides of the field, and there are 3 lanes with a flag each. Alliances register their troops on a specific lane, and they’ll fight the troops of the other lane. The last one standing will win the flag, and capturing all three provides you with victory.

State of Survival Alliance Showdown
State of Survival Alliance Showdown

Requirements: Be in an alliance, HQ Level 10, At least 10 registered Alliance Members and Above

Registration Phase: If you are willing to participate in this event, you’ll have to register your troops by placing them on a specific Lane. Thankfully, this is event specific so you can still use the same troops while doing something else such as rallies, etc. The Alliance tier will determine the power capacity, and the strongest troops will be the first to participate.

Matching Phase: Based on your Alliance tier, you’ll be assigned to a battle group. Each group has 6 alliances that will be competing against each other, and you cannot disband until the showdown has completed. If a member leaves the alliance while the event is ongoing, they’ll still be a part of the team but they won’t receive any rewards.

Battle Phase: Alliance Leaders and R4 Members can rearrange the Lanes of the registered troops. This way they can balance out the total power. Each lane will use the top 15 powerful troops registered. Each lane will fight each other, so the last remaining troop on each lane will capture the flag. Getting all three will provide you with a win.
Showdown Lanes
Showdown Lanes

Alliance Showdown Rewards

There are two types of rewards that can be provided through this event: Kill Rewards, and Tier Rewards. Kill rewards will be based on enemy troops that have been defeated, while Tier Rewards will be based on the points that are earned. You can check the specific number of rewards by clicking the Rewards & Rules button.

Kill Rewards: Based on your performance, you can get a specific number of Chief Exp, 5-minute Speedups, and Resources

Tier Rewards: Based on your tier, you can get a specific number of Speedups, Supply Crate, and Alliance Showdown Coin

The Alliance Showdown Coin is a special currency that can be used during the event period. If you check the main page of the Alliance Showdown, you’ll find a Goods Swap button that you can spend the coins on. Take note that this interface will disappear once the event is over, so make sure to spend your coins within the time period.

Alliance Showdown Tips

Since the Leader and R4 Member can be the one to switch the lanes of participants, they must check the balance of each lane in order to make sure that one isn’t underpowered. Here are some other tips that you can do if you’re participating in this event.

1. Increase your Headquarters, Hero Precinct, Garage, Barracks, and Range levels in order to increase your battle power. Your troops will be dependent on the highest upgrade you can get from the training facilities.

2. Higher tiered troops will provide the better power. Only the top 15 most powerful troops per lane will be chosen, so having each lane balanced out in terms of power will help.

3. Make sure to use the Goods Swap and use your coins since it can only be accessed during this event

With group effort and battle power, you should be able to compete versus other alliances in this event. You’ll be able to do more kills, and capture more flags which will provide the best possible rewards once the showdown occurs.

We hope that our guide has helped you with this event. Please check our events section on the right-hand side to see the different kinds of events that can occur in the game. If you have anything to add please let us know below. If you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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