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State of Survival

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State of Survival is a post apocalyptic zombie survival game with both RTS and RPG elements to it. Progress and level up your base through a combination of grinding, building and PvE attacking in both interactive real time fights and map based zombie hunts. It's a complicated but very enjoyable game, get a head start with some of our State of Survival tips and State of Survival guide

Recruit heroes and train troops to build a strong offensive and defensive force. As with many combat strategy games your overall power will determine your effectiveness in battles. We recommend that you keep your building, research and training queues active. The more you do the more rewards you can earn to help you progress.

State of Survival Tips

Complete missions
The Explorer trial missions let you a pit your heroes against a campaign style set of missions that increase in difficulty. Complete them to earn more hero fragments and other useful items, make sure you follow along this story line.

In addition to the Explorer trail there are Story missions to complete in the game. These will become available naturally as you build up your base and work through the chapters and completing them will net you some very useful rewards.

Daily rewards and missions. Make sure to complete as many of this set of daily requirements to earn points each day towards unlocking more rewards. The targets are simple game related items such as helping your alliance, training troops and attacking zombies.

The more points you can earn each day the higher the level of rewards you can get which can include epic searches and even legendary items.

Join an active alliance
It is very important to be part of an alliance in State of Survival and finding an active one that can support you and be available to help with the group activities will make playing the game much easier.

Take advantage of Hero Searches
Each day you will receive some free 'Hero Search' credits which you can use in the Hero Precinct to find hero related fragments and items. The odds here are low but over tie you will be able to get all the heroes you want with enough effort. The daily free searches don't stack so you must remember to check in every day.

Check your mail & backpack
As you complete the quests, missions, story events and other activities in the game you will receive many items and mails with rewards. It can be easy to forget and miss some of these items so remember to check your mails and the back pack inventory from time to time to see what you have gained recently.

For more Hints and tips for playing State of Survival please see our State of Survival Game Guide, and if you have any questions for the game head to the Answers Page .
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Love the game i play for hours a day just wished there was a hotline to actually speak to someone when you really need help.
4.1 / 5.0

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