State of Survival

Chief Guide - Talents and Gear

Chief Guide - Talents and Gear
State of Survival Guide

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In State of Survival the control of your base is handled via your Chief. Improving your chief through leveling up and adding talents will help you get stronger. Adding Gear items will also provide powerful buffs.

The Chief profile can be access by tapping the avatar image in the top left of the screen. In the profile you can view many of your games setting and statistics as well as manage your Chief them self. If you don't want to keep the default chief picture you can change this for one of the other characters or upload your own. And also change the appearance of your base if you have unlocked this feature and add a Motto.

How to level up the chief?

Chief Guide - Talents and Gear

Your chief will have a level that is independent of the hero that you select to represent them. It is this level that unlocks the talent points.

To increase this level you will need chief EXP medals, which you can earn by completing the growth missions or rally intel missions. To see your level and use the EXP medals, tap the Exp bar to the right of the chief profile screen (just above the stamina bar). Any medals that you have collected will be here for you to use and you will also have the option to buy more with biocaps or money.

Talent Points

Chief Guide - Talents and Gear

Every time you level up your chief in the game you will get Talent Points. (2 points initially then increasing to 3 points after a certain level). The points will let you unlock buffs for your chief that affect your abilities in the game.

To allocate the points go to the chief profile menu and find at the bottom the talents button. There are 2 sections with talent trees that you can spend the points in. These are War and Economy.

Points allocated under War will improve your attack and defense ratings for your troops as well as let you train and march with more troops and unlock skills such as the ability to recall marches. These are best for fighting.

Points allocated under Economy improve the production rate of resources, help with gathering and also improve your hospitals for healing injured troops. This is best for farming.

Where should I allocate the talent points

As mentioned above you have 2 paths that you can follow or try to keep a good mix of them both. It may be better i the short term though to concentrate on one to help you be more effective more quickly.

If you are a regular player and hope to be effective in battles then we would recommend sticking to the War route. If you play less regularly and want to grind to a higher level then the economy route will work best.

You can of course reset your points and change your buffs when you need to. So you are not stuck with the choices. The reset option though will costs you 2000 biocaps or 40,000 alliance credits so you will not be wanting to do this often at an early stage.

Chief Gear

Chief Guide - Talents and Gear

Also on the Chief profile screen you will see the GEAR option on the left. This can be unlocked once your Chief reaches HQ level 22.Here you can assign any gear items that you have to give yourself more boosts and buffs. There are 5 different sets of gear that you can create, each one with 6 possible items.

Sets: Rookie Set, Riot Set, Blast Set, Frontline Set, Tactical Set.
Assigning 3 or 6 items of each set will give your forces overall attack and defense buffs.

Each of the sets have the following items available to craft

  • Helmet - Increases the Infantry Attack and Defense
  • Armor - Increases the Rider Attack and Defense
  • Pads - Increases the Hunter Attack and Defense
  • Boots - Increases the Infantry Attack and Defense
  • Weapon - Increases the Rider Attack and Defense
  • Radio - Increases Hunter Attack and Defense

    How To Get Gear

  • Chief Guide - Talents and Gear

    Gear needs to be crafted. Once your HQ reaches level 15 you unlock and build a workshop to let you start crafting the gear items from crafting materials. The materials can be obtained from the events, intel missions, by defeating high-level zombies on the map.

    There is a lot of grinding involved to get the gear items but the benefits will make a big difference in and combat that you take part in.

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