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Alliance Throwdown

Alliance Throwdown
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Working together with your alliance members can be challenging and also fun. Not only will all of you participate in teamwork, but you get rewarded as well based on your group’s performance. The Alliance Throwdown event lets you aim for the same goal, and you want to help your alliance get points!

In this event, you’ll be able to choose tasks you can do and get points once completed. Your effort will be combined with your entire alliance, so let’s help you get informed about the mechanics, rewards, and tips that you can do in order to prepare!

Alliance Throwdown Mechanics

The Alliance Throwdown event is a group activity where each alliance member will get a task that they must complete. Once they do so, they’ll get points that will add up to the score of the entire alliance. Members can have varying tasks individually, so it won’t be the same for everyone.

Requirements: 15 Participating Alliance members, and level 10 Headquarters

Credit: State of Survival FB page
Credit: State of Survival FB page

Once you meet the requirements, you’ll be then given a list of tasks that you can do. Choose the task that’s easiest for you to complete in order to save time. There are different kinds of tasks available and the activities can vary to everything that you can do in the game. Here are the list of tasks below:

Challenge Type
Increase your chief gear badge score
Spend your Biocaps
Purchase bundles that contain specific Biocap amounts
Chief Gear
Increase your chief gear score through crafting
Complete Explorer Challenges from Hero Precinct, Intel Missions, and Foraging Tipoffs
Gather a specific number of resources
Hero Fragments
Use specific fragments for Heroes (Legendary)
Hero Gear
Use your hero gear parts by crafting
Kill a specific number of Infected in the wilderness or special intel
Defeat Infected Fiends with Rallies
Spend a specific amount of time with research
Spend a specific amount of time with speedups
Train your troops and increase their battle power

Take note that the tasks provided can have varying difficulties as well. The list of points will be shown to you on each task. The rewards that you can gain will be based on your solo points, as well as your alliance points. Different tiers can be unlocked based on the points that you have completed as follows:

Solo Points Required
Alliance Points Required

Alliance Throwdown Rewards

In the Alliance throwdown event, there are different kinds of rewards that you can obtain depending on the category. Rewards can be provided for your alliance level points, your solo points, as well as your alliance’s rank for the event. Here are their rewards are as follows:

Alliance Point Level: You can choose your specific reward based on your alliance points. This can vary from resources, speedups, badges, biocaps, skill books, etc.

Solo Points: If you reach Alliance Point Level 6 and above, you can get increased solo rewards. These include Fragments, Biocaps, and Speedups.

Alliance Rank: Alliance Rewards are provided to the top 10 alliances that reached at least Alliance Point 8. The same items are provided as above.

Alliance Throwdown Tips

Since this is a group coordinated event, having a lot of members who participate in it will provide the best chances of getting higher ranks. With a lot of possible tasks, you can prepare yourself by familiarizing with the mechanics of this event. Here are some tips for Alliance Throwdown:

1. More participants are better for this event since you’ll get more points. Alliance Leaders and R4 Members can help the team by delegating tasks accordingly. Communication is needed and letting everyone know what task list you have.

2. Save up your biocaps, speedups, and whatever items that may appear in the event. Our task list is shown in the mechanics section of this guide.

3. Rally tasks are good to do since they provide high points. Help your alliance members if they request for a rally so it can be completed successfully.

4. Have enough stamina for explorer missions, as well as for rallies in the wilderness. You can save up your small stamina items as well for this event.

5. Save up your items for crafting, since this can provide you with additional points if you can craft a lot of gear.

We hope that our guide has helped you with this event. Please check our events section on the right-hand side to see the different kinds of events that can occur in the game. If you have anything to add please let us know below. If you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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