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State of Survival is a post apocalyptic zombie survival game with both RTS and RPG elements to it. You will need to combine grinding, building and PvE attacking in both interactive real time fights and map based zombie hunts.

State of Survival Guides

For the most part this game will have you building and upgrading a base to improve your Prosperity while recruiting heroes and training your troop numbers to increase your Battle Power. You will also find a story line / explorer trail that will lead you through some single player interactive combat missions that increase in difficulty and reward.

We are putting together a variation of guides for the game to help you get started and survive in the infected wastelands. If you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there. In this guide, we'll be aiming to provide you information about the following sections of the game.

Settlement Guide

You are one of the last survivors on earth in a zombie ridden apocalypse. As the chief, your task is to establish a settlement for the people you rescue, as well as expand it into a home that you can call your own. You will need to train your troops, gather resources, and upgrade your settlement in order to survive. You can learn about this when expanding your settlement as well as checking out our settlement starter guide.

Economic Facilities Guide

Expanding your settlement will include reclaiming land and buildings, and then converting them to different kinds of facilities. As you level up your headquarters, you can gain access to different types of buildings you can build in order to facilitate production. Since money has no use in a world full of zombies, it is resources that's important for survival. In our Economic Facilities Guide, you'll find more about what kinds you can build in your Settlement, as well as their various functions.

Military and Training Facilities Guide

Rescuing survivors will mean that they will live in your Settlement. As such, it is your duty as chief in order to train them to become troops in your army. Your goal after all, is to survive, which means you will need to attack and defend when necessary. You can learn more about this in our Military and Training Facilities Guide where you'll see what different types of troops can be trained, and which other facilities tie in to their growth. Having a strong force is needed when surviving, and your troops are the backbone of your establishment.

Research Facility Guide

Progress can be helped through science as well, and this is an important part of your settlement when playing State of Survival. In order to facilitate the growth of your settlement, troops, and resources, you can provide aid by learning different skills that can be mastered. In the Research Facility Guide, you'll learn about how to increase your Biocaps through incubation, as well as use the Research Lab to provide permanent upgrades to different sections in your gameplay.

More Guides are features here, so please check our menu on the right hand side. We have guides for the basics of the game, heroes, the settlement, as well as other kinds of events.

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State of Survival Guides

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