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Locate Jane

Locate Jane
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Locate Jane is a start up mission event that you get when you first start playing State of survival. The event lasts for 7 days and gives you a range of targets to meat to earn rewards.

The quests that you need to complete will unlock over the first 5 days and will include items such as simply logging on to the game, training troops, upgrading, research and completing explorer missions.

When you start playing make sure to keep an eye on the even which will be listed on its own at the top right of your screen. Many of the quests will happen naturally over the first few days, but others you will need to make sure you complete.

Locate Jane

Each of the 131 small quests in this event will give you useful items when you complete them and make progress in this event. This will then reward you with fragments for Jane a purple level hero which should allow you to recruit her before long. You can also gain fragments to help you upgrade Maddie & Frank.

Remember to check it and claim all of the rewards you can before the 7 days are up and then also claim your fragments when its done.

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