Trading Post

Trading Post
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What is the Trading Post in Arknights? This facility lets you trade it the goods that you have produced from the factory into other resources. The items that you provide can be converted to LMD, or materials that can be turned to Orundum.

Trading Post
Trading Post

Item Exchanges

The main purpose of the trading post is for you to obtain LMD in exchange for your Pure Gold, as well as getting Orundum in exchange for your Originium Materials. Assign an Operator with the corresponding skill to increase Order Acquisition rate and capacity. In order to use the Trading Post, you'll have to do the following:

1. Wait for an order to appear in your list.
2. Choose an order that's available
3. Deliver the item that's requested
4. Claim the item.

Random Order: At lower Trade Post levels, the orders that you get are random. You can only choose the one that's listed if you'll get LMD or Orundum.

Delivering Orders
Delivering Orders

Trading Post Upgrade

Once you upgrade your Trading Post, you'll get your order limit increased. Once you reach level 3, you gain the ability to choose your order instead of it being randomly assigned to you. You can upgrade your Trading Post as long as your Control Center is upgraded.

Here are the materials that you need for upgrading the trading post:

1 -> 2
Listed Drones, x3 Concrete Building Material
2 -> 3
Listed Drones, x5 Reinforced Building Material

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