How do you farm Keel?

How do you farm Keel?
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How do you farm Keel in Arknights? This resource is only dropped from specific sections in the campaign. You need this item in order to improve your base over time.

Which areas can Keel be farmed?

You cannot get this resource from the supplies section, only the main story. It's better if you complete these operations with a 3 star rating so you can sue auto deploy. You can only farm Keel on the following sections of the campaign:

* 1-1

* 1-8

* 3-4

* 4-7

Keel Farming Locations

Keel Farming Locations

Where is Keel used?

Keel is used for upgrading your facilities in the Base. Aside from building materials that you get from your workshop and factory, you need keel that's obtained from the campaign to continue progress of your base. Make sure to farm the chapters listed above as part of your daily routine.

Keel Base Material

Keel Base Material

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