What are the gacha draw rates?

What are the gacha draw rates?
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6 Star Operator

6 Star Operator

What are the rates for gacha in Arknights? Is there a way for you to get guaranteed 6 star operators? If you check the details of each banner, you'll see the rates for pulling characters. Aside from the Operators that have boosted rates, here are the normal drop rates:

Rating Probability
6 Star 2 %
5 Star 8 %
4 Star 50 %
3 Star 40 %

Is there a pity system?

If you do not get any 6 stars after a number of draws, they have a system in place that increases your chances for a guaranteed 6 star. If you reach 50 draws without getting a 6 star, you'll get an increased rate of 2% onward. This means that if you do not get a 6 star operator after 98 draws, you will get one at 100% on the 99th draw.

For more details, refer to the image below:

What are the gacha draw rates?

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