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Beginner's Guide
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Welcome to our Arknights Beginner's guide, here we'll provide you with some tips on how to start your game and form a good team. Starting out in this game can be daunting at first, you'll be unlocking different features of the game and progressing through lots of chapters.

Here, we'll discuss what you need to know in order to get things going. When you start your game, you'll have to go through the Tutorial session first. You need to complete that in order for you to get to the main menu and start the game properly.

Recruiting your team members

Part of the tutorial requires you to do a headhunt, this is the game's way of recruiting members of your team. The characters here are called Operators, and you are the Doctor who commands them. In order for you to gain some team members, you must recruit or headhunt through the main menu.

New Player Banner

New Player Banner

Headhunt: Once you start your game, you'll be given quite a number of Orundum. This will be enough for you to get 10 pulls at the new player headhunting banner. Your first 10 pulls are guaranteed to give you a 6 star Operator. There's even a chance for you to gain two of them from your first 10 pulls.

Recommended list of 6 star Operators:

* Angelina

* Exusiai

* Hoshiguma

* Shining

* Siege

* SilverAsh

Headhunt x10

Headhunt x10

You can check more information through our Reroll Guide

Recruit: Once you've cleared 0-2 of the game's campaign, you'll get to unlock 2 slots for recruiting other Operators. You'll spend some time, Lungmen Dollars and a recruitment permit to get an operator. You can get up to 5 star Operators the longer you spend time with recruiting. This will help you out with forming a solid team.



Remember: An operator's star rating will not be the determining factor of a game, but having the proper balance of members is needed!

Learn the Operator Types

Once you're able to get your 6 Star Operator from your free rolls, you can now learn building your team. It's best to complete Episode 00 since all scenarios in this chapter help with learning the game and the functions of characters. It will help a long way familiarizing yourself with various operator types as it can help you when building your team.

There are 8 classes available, here is the list and their descriptions:

Operator Class Types

Operator Class Types

Having a balanced team is needed in order for you to have a successful operation. Vanguards help providing Deployment Points which speed up the process of placing Operators on the field. Defenders and Guards are needed to stop enemies from advancing further since they block them from passing through. Snipers and Casters deal damage from afar, they also take down Aerial opponents and the casters can deal high damage versus armored opponents. Medic and Supporters are able to provide healing, buffs, and ways to boost the team. Specialists have quirks of their own that provides all kinds of possible outcomes.

Tip: Take note that for every operation, the enemies will be different. You need to adjust accordingly and prepare different mixes of Operator Types depending on the opponents. You can create up to 4 Squads of Operators and have them saved for ready use.

Suggested Team Compositions:

* Versus Armored Enemies: 1-2 defender, 1-2 guard, x2 vanguard, x2 caster, x2 medic

* Versus Aerial Enemies: 1-2 defender, 1-2 guard, x2 vanguard, x2 sniper, x1 caster, x2medic

* Versus Enemy Hordes: 1-2defender, 1-2 guard, 1-2vanguard, x2 medic, x1 caster (AoE)

Strengthening your Team

Once you have your squads ready with different team compositions, you can strengthen them further individually. An Operator has different stats available, all of which can be increased through the Operator Management.

Operator Attributes

Operator Attributes

From the Operator's page, you can strengthen the following:

* Level - Increases your base attributes each time its increased

* Promotion - Upgrades your Operator's status to gain an increase in stats, as well as access to new skills

* Potential - Duplicate Operators will be turned to Tokens in order for you to increase Potential, this increases their stats.

* Skills - Each skill can be leveled up in order to have stronger effects, new skills can be obtained as well with some Operators after they have been promoted.

Make sure that the Operators that you strengthen are ones that you'll use often. Earlier stages of the game can be finished by Operators that don't have any stat changes.

Tip: Once you reached Elite 2 in Promotion, you can slow down leveling past 40 since the gains also slow down. You can use your resources to strengthen other characters isntead.

Operators can also be strengthened by increasing their trust. Once you reach 100 trust with an Operator, they'll get Stat bonuses. You can get trust by using them on your missions, as well as letting them work on your base.

Learn to withdraw an Operator when needed

There may be cases in the game where you placed an Operator in a location that isn't suitable. They may miss out on opponents, or they may be too far away to help other members. When you select an Operator on the field, use Withdraw on the upper left corner.

You'll get a cooldown and you can re-deploy your Operator later, or select a different one to go in their place. Once you have maximized the amount of Operators on the field, withdrawing will let you adapt to the situation at hand.



Take note of each Operator's Deployment Cost

Lower star Operators have lower Deployment Points needed in order to send them out. Usually, your stronger Operators have higher costs and they appear on the battlefield later on.

Make use of Vanguards early since they provide you with more Deployment Points over time. Try to avoid waiting for your DP to recover and aiming your strongest Operator as the first one you'll use. Your main objective is to prevent enemies from reaching the blue section. You can use 3 star Operators to effectively block enemies when needed, while you build the rest of your team.

Deployment Points

Deployment Points

Review an Operation's Information before starting

When you look at the information on the right hand side of an operation, you'll get to review the map before starting. Clearing an operation once will then let you review the enemies that you've encountered.

With the map layout at hand, you can then adjust your squad accordingly so you can adjust the operators on the terrain. Also, you can check the weaknesses and strengths of opponents once you have their information.

Operation Information

Operation Information

Set up and Improve your Base

Once you have completed Episode 00, you'll get access to the Base. Here you'll get to develop different facilities that you can use to help strengthen your team, as well as gain items that you can use.

As you build and improve your facilities, you can obtain items for LMD so you can level up your Operators. You can also establish factories that provide items needed for promoting your Operators. The following facilities can be created for your use:

Facility Function
Dormitory A place where you can assign Operators to increase their morale, furniture can be used to decorate your Dormitories.
Power Plant Used to provide energy as your resource. Building, Upgrading, or Production using faciltiies require power. More Power Plants are needed to increase your output.
Factory This facility lets you produce different resources. Items obtained here can be used for leveling up, gaining money, promoting, upgrading, and more.
Trading Post You can trade gold bars you obtain and exchange them to LMD in this section. At later levels, LMD can be scarce if you're trying to maximize the strength of your Operators so this section is needed.
Workshop Lets you build items for upgrading your base, you can also get items here that you can use in the furniture section of the shop. Upgrading items can also be done here, and you can break down furniture you no longer need.
Reception Room Allows you to earn Friend Credits that can be used in the shop. You get to activate a system that enables your Operators to find and receive clues, then invite friends for getting more. This room also lets you have more friends to be added.
HR Office Lets you use the recruit section more efficiently; it upgrades more slots as you level up the office. You can also use this to refresh the class tags when recruiting.
Training Room Lets you upgrade skills of your characters past level 7. In order for you to maximize your character, you need to upgrade this room to provide your operators with stronger skills



Factories, Power Plants, and Trading Posts are built depending on your choice. You can have a total of 9 of these facilities, so it's best if you get three of each so it's balanced. Depending on your use, you can leave the Power Plant at 3 then mix and match the remaining amount of the other two.

In order to help level up your Operators fast, focus on improving the trading post. This provides you with LMD and it's needed for improving your Operator's strength.

For more details regarding the Base, check our following page: Arknights Base System

Familiarize yourself with the Store

You can unlock the store once you have completed level 0-10. The store provides different types of items that can range from cosmetic items, to packs that help with your Operator's development. Once you unlock the Reception Room in the Base, you'll also gain access to another tab in the store.

An important tab to check often are the Certificates, Furniture, and the Credit Shop. Whenever you recruit Operators, you get items that you can exchange in the Certificate Shop such as resources, Operators, and parts. You can also get Headhunting Permits here to exchange for Operators. Furniture is needed to upgrade your Dormitories which will help boost Morale. This in turn will help out with improving production at your Base.

The Credit Shop is a system that rewards you for interacting with friends. The credit that you get can be used to get 4-star Vanguard Courier and the 4-star Medic Gavial here, as well as other resources.

You may check more about the shop though the following link:

Arnights Store


Farm your Supplies

Once you have completed Episode 00, you’ll be able to participate in Supplies expeditions for combat. These will be areas in the game that you can deploy your operators in order to get loot for your base.

Tactical Drill is a section that’s always open. The others follow a schedule so make sure to participate on the days that have them available. Similar to the main combat, you’ll play the game with your desired operators. After you get your first-time rewards, you should be able to auto deploy chapters you’ve completed.

Once you've completed stages in the supplies section once with a perfect run, you can continue the next runs on auto by checking the "Auto Deploy" on the information screen of an operation.

You can go to Tactical Drill to farm EXP, then Cargo Escort can be used to gain LMD to help strengthen your Operator. Take note of the schedules listed in the image below:

Arknights Supplies Section

Arknights Supplies Section

Complete your Missions to get more items

This section is unlocked after you have completed 0-1 in the Campaign. After you complete the entire prologue episodes, you’ll unlock all tabs that are available.

Missions provide you with a list of tasks that you can complete and gain rewards. They are separated to different categories, and the rewards can be obtained once only and some are refreshed.

Here you can do daily tasks and weekly tasks that will reward you with items that can help strengthen your Operators.

Beginner's Guide

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