How do you farm for Chips?

How do you farm for Chips?
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How do you farm Chips in Arknights? This resource is valuable when strengthening your operators since they are used for promotion. There are different kinds of chips available, and this will vary depending on your character's class.

Farm Chips through the Combat Section and follow the schedule

The chips that can be farmed will vary each day. Therefore you'll have to take note which class you want to farm first. Here's a table of the days where chips can be farmed per class. Also, the name of the mission is also listed here so you'll have an idea where to farm them.

Defender / Medic
Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat
PR-A-1 / PR-A-2
Operators will lose HP gradually due to the environment.
Caster / Sniper
Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat
PR-B-1 / PR-B-2
You will be swarmed with Aerial opponents
Supporter / Vanguard
Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun
PR-C-1 / PR-C-2
Operators can only be healed when placed on certain blocks
Guard / Specialist
Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun
PR-D-1 / PR-D-2
The terrain can have pits where enemies can be pushed to

Chip Farming
Chip Farming

Convert your Chips to Advanced Chips in the Workshop

Once you have extra chips at hand of the same types, you can convert them to advanced versions of themselves through the workshop at the base. Chip missions only provide basic and intermediate chips, so you can make the advanced versions here only. Take note that in order to do this, you must upgrade your Workshop to level 3.

Advanced Chips
Advanced Chips

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