How do you farm for Skill Summaries?

How do you farm for Skill Summaries?
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How do you farm for Skill Summaries in Arknights? These items are used if you wish to strengthen your Operator's skills. When you upgrade a skill's level, this is the item that you'll be consuming. You can increase your skill level through the Operator Management section.

Skill Summary Requirement
Skill Summary Requirement

Complete the Aerial Threat Supplies Missions

You can farm skill summaries by completing the Aerial Threat Supplies section under the combat menu. This section is only open on the following schedules so make sure to complete them when possible:

* Tuesday
* Wednesday
* Friday
* Sunday

Aerial Threat
Aerial Threat

Once you have completed the operations on 3 star, you can use Auto Deploy so you can farm them automatically. Make sure to use your Skill Summaries on Operators that you will use often.

Clear Aerial Threat 3 and 4 to unlock Skill Summaries in the Workshop

You can get Skill Summary 2 and Skill Summary 3 from the Workshop by converting the Skill Summary 1 that you have. In order to do this, you need to clear Aerial Threat missions 3 and 4 with 2 stars. Once you have done this, you can convert your skill summaries to advanced versions.

Skill Summary from Workshop
Skill Summary from Workshop

Get Skill Summaries from Packs in the Store

If you need more skill summaries and cannot wait to farm, you can check the different packs in the shop if they include skill summaries. Examples of these are the Starter Upgrade Pack, Weekly Growth Pack, and Enhancement Packs

Item Packs
Item Packs
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