Main Menu Interface

Main Menu Interface
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So what does the main menu contain in Arknights? After you have finished your tutorial, you'll be shown this main menu. A lot of these sections are actually locked and you need to complete certain parts of the game in order to access them. You can navigate your way to the main story of the game, check ongoing events, and check other facilities available.

Arknights Main Menu Interface

Arknights Main Menu Interface


Unlocked after completing the Tutorial. This section lets you play the main game, it includes the story line, tutorial, and gathering of supplies. In order to play the Combat section of the game, you need to have enough Sanity for each run. The amount of Sanity is shown in the button to the left side.


Unlocked after completing the Tutorial. You modify the members of each squad through this section. You can have four squads available and 12 Operators saved per squad.

Operator Management

This section lets you check each of the Operators that you have. You can sort them by name, rarity, level, etc. and this is the area that you can strengthen your operators as well.


Unlocked after you complete Episode 0-10. The Store provides you with different goods such as Originium, Packs, Outfits, Exchange Certificates, and Furniture. The store lets you purchase items directly with real money, or you can use resources that you have gathered in the game such as events etc.


Recruit: This section lets you recruit members by spending time in and LMD while you search for operators. You can select specific attributes for recruitment and you can get recruits of varying ratings.

Headhunt: Headhunt lets you recruit Operators directly by using Originium. Different banners showcasing specific operators are available, and you can Headhunt one by one or by 10 in a row.


Unlocked by clearing Episode 00 0-1, and expanded as you complete the entire episode. This section will provide you with different tasks that you can accomplish for rewards. This includes daily, weekly, and campaign missions.


Unlocked by clearing Episode 00 0-11. This section provides you with different facilities that you can construct and upgrade. You can have facilities that produce goods, fulfill orders, etc.


Unlocked after you complete the tutorial. The depot serves as your inventory. You can view your consumable items, basic items, and growth materials.


Unlocked after clearing TR-5, this section lets you add other players in the game as friends. You can also set specific support units that can appear in other people’s games to help them out.


Unlocked after completing Episode 00 0-4. This section shows you information about your operators and their trust levels. You can see the relations of different operators as well. As you increase their trust, you can get more furniture.


Other items in the main menu include your settings, mail, sign in rewards, and preferred assistant. You can click the icon near the assistant to swap them out according to your liking.

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