Operator Morale

Operator Morale
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What is Morale in Arknights? This is a resource that each Operator has whenever they're assigned in your base. If you plan to use any facilities, you'll get to see that Morale is consumed. If an Operator's Morale goes to 0, they won't be able to function properly to operate any facility.

Whenever you check your production section in a facility, check the amount of morale that's consumed. You should see this on the lower portion of the facility, it can also be stated in your facility's information.

Morale consumed
Morale consumed

In order to restore Morale, you can place your Operators in your dormitories. Over time, Morale is restored here and it can be improved by upgrading the room with furniture. This means that you'll have to rotate Operators that are working on your base to prevent anyone from reaching 0.

Base Dormitories
Base Dormitories

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