What happens if I get duplicate Operators?

What happens if I get duplicate Operators?
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What will you do if you get a duplicate Operator in Arknights? You cannot have two Operators of the same time in a team, therefore duplicates provide something else in exchange. If you look at the character's information on the lower right, you'll see that you'll get the following items instead:

Qualification or Advanced Certificate
Operator Token

Arknights Duplicate Operator
Arknights Duplicate Operator

The Tokens can be used for increasing your Operator's potential. If you still get duplicates after increasing an Operator's potential to its maximum level, you can then exchange excess tickets at the store. Go to the Certificate section and check the tokens section on the lower left.

Store Token Exchange
Store Token Exchange

You can see details regarding the rewards you get for duplicate operators through the rules button. As you can see, the certificate that you get will depend on the rarity of the duplicate Operator you have. Certificates can be used at the store in order for you to exchange for other items that are available.

Token Exchange Rules
Token Exchange Rules
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