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What is the Workshop in Arknights? This facility lets you convert items that you have into rarer forms, you can convert items from your supplies missions then process them here. Also, you can gain parts by breaking down furniture so you can use them in the store.


Item Conversion

The main purpose of the Workshop is to make random items that you have into rarer forms. This can be done for building materials, chips, elite materials,and skill summaries. You can also process old furniture and break them down into parts which you can use in the funiture shop. Assign an Operator with the corresponding skill to increase byproducts chances for more items. In order to start converting, follow these steps:

1. Press the hexagon in the middle in order to select the item for conversion.
2. Choose the amount that you want then press start.
3. Wait for the process to finish then claim your item.

Converting Items
Converting Items

Workshop Upgrade

Once you upgrade your Wokrshop, you'll get access to converting rarer versions of items. You can upgrade your Trading Post as long as your Control Center is upgraded.

Here are the materials that you need for upgrading the trading post:

1 -> 2
Listed Drones, x3 Light Building Material
2 -> 3
Listed Drones, x6 Concrete Building Material

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