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What is the Factory in Arknights? This facility produces resources that you can use, you can turn raw materials to industrial items and more. Some of these items are needed for upgrading your skills, or promoting your operator.


Item Production

In order for you to use the Factory, you'll have to assign an Operator as instructed in the Base Tutorial. The Operator assigned should have a bonus with item production. In order to create an item, you'll have to do the following steps:

1. Select an Item that you want to produce
2. Input the amount of items you want to make.
3. Wait for the timer to finish.
4. Claim the item.

You can select the item of your choice through the product icon on the right side. The same page should show the amount you can create. Take note that your Factory has an item capacity it can hold as well.

Item Production
Item Production

Suggested Items for Production: Precious Metals -> Battle Records -> Chips -> Originium Materials

Pure Gold: This item can be produced early in the game, you can focus on this in order for you to get more LMD which will help in strengthening your team.

Tip: At the highest capacity, you can only produce up to 99 items. Make sure to claim them before trying to produce more.

Factory Upgrade

Once you upgrade your Factory, you get to unlock more items that you can produce. Your holding capacity will be increased as well. You can upgrade your Factory as long as your Control Center is upgraded.

Here are the materials that you need for upgrading the Factory

1 -> 2
Listed Drones, x3 Concrete Building Material
2 -> 3
Listed Drones, x5 Reinforced Building Material

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