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Power Plant

What is the Power Plant in Arknights? This facility produces electricity for your entire Base and which is needed whenever you upgrade or build other facilities. In order to have all facilities available, you'll have to have 3 total Power Plants.

Power Plant
Power Plant

Drones and Recharging

Whenever a drone is used, it will be replenished over time through charging in the power plant. If you press the + button near the drone, you should see the charging time left before you can have a drone available for use. Assign an Operator with the corresponding skill to improve charging time.

Charge Speed: The Charge Speed of your Drones are influenced by the Operator that's able to increase charge speed Rates.

Fast Recharge: This option will only be unlocked for use once you reach level 4 in your control center. Instead of waiting time for your Drone to recharge, you can use them instantly. This uses stamina so use it when needed.

Drone Recharging
Drone Recharging

Power Plant Upgrade

Once you upgrade your Power Plant, this provides increased power in return. You can upgrade your Power Plant as long as your Control Center is upgraded.

Here are the materials that you need for upgrading the power plant:

1 -> 2
Listed Drones, x3 Concrete Building Material
2 -> 3
Listed Drones, x5 Reinforced Building Material


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