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What is the info section of Arknights? This section is unlocked after you clear 0-4.This is an area where you can see information about your Operator's network and how they are related to each other. Checking each operator will bring out their info files and voice files that you can view.

Info Network
Info Network

Trust Overview

In the trust overview section, you'll see how every Operator is grouped through teams based on the game's lore. You will see the percentage of trust that's available as well and how much you've increased it.

Once you have maximized each team's trust, you'll be able to get rewards on the right side which are furniture that you can use in your base. This will be a good way for customizing your dormitories, as well as improving their moral. As you increase trust, you also gain access to more lore files in each Operator's information.

Teams and Rewards
Teams and Rewards

Enemy Units Archive

You can view the list of enemies that you've seen based on your expedition of the main story here. You will see their type, brief sumamry, as well as attribute rating. This can be your compendium for enemy information instead of checking each episode operation individually.

Enemy List
Enemy List
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