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What does recruitment do in Arknights? This section of the game lets you obtain Operators through the process of recruiting or headhunting. Both utilize different methods in order for you to obtain characters accordingly.


Once you have unlocked recruiting, you can get Operators by spending some time to increase the likelihood of higher star operators. Job tags can be placed so you can select which roles are preferred. You can recruit as long as you have LMD, and a Recruitment Permit.


There are 4 sections in the recruit interface that are locked when you start the game, you’ll get to unlock the first two by Clear 0-2. The third section is unlocked after you upgrade your HR Office to level 2, and the fourth section is unlocked by upgrading the HR Office to Level 3.

If you wish to speed up the recruitment process, you can press the recruit button and use an Expedited Plan. You can then obtain an Operator immediately and continue recruiting for another Operator after.

Expedited Plan
Expedited Plan


The headhunt section is unlocked after you finish the tutorial. Using Orundum or a Headhunting Permit, you can hire Operators instantly and you’ll get them by random depending on which banner you’ve chosen. Different recruits appear base on the banner, and some have increased rates. You can check the details section on the lower left for more information.

Some Headhunting provides bonuses based on how many pulls that you make, you can check the banner details if there are any bonuses given out.


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