How do I obtain the items for Elite promotion?

How do I obtain the items for Elite promotion?
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What are the different items for promoting your Operators in Arknights? Promotion involves maximizing your current Operator's level and providing the correct materials that are requested. The promotion process are as follows

Elite -> Elite 1 -> Elite 2

This means that your Operator can be promoted two times, and you'll have to use resources respectively. Depending on your Operator, you may need different items based on their class.

Operator Promotion
Operator Promotion

Get Character Chips from the Combat section and Workshop

You can get character class chips through the combat section by checking the schedule below. Once you have enough chips, you can also convert them them to advanced versions in the Workshop.

Defender / Medic
Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat
PR-A-1 / PR-A-2
Operators will lose HP gradually due to the environment.
Caster / Sniper
Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat
PR-B-1 / PR-B-2
You will be swarmed with Aerial opponents
Supporter / Vanguard
Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun
PR-C-1 / PR-C-2
Operators can only be healed when placed on certain blocks
Guard / Specialist
Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun
PR-D-1 / PR-D-2
The terrain can have pits where enemies can be pushed to

Chip Farming
Chip Farming

Clear Story Missions

Clearing missions through Combat will provide materials for promotion, however these are not guaranteed drops. It would be best to complete Chip promotions or use the Workshop instead to get materials.

Arknights Episodes
Arknights Episodes

Purchase Packs from the Store

The packs section contain growth packs that you can get as you increase your level such as the Weekly Growth Pack.

Item Packs
Item Packs
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