How to increase an operator's potential

How to increase an operator's potential
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How do you increase your Operator's Potential in Arknights? Each Operator has specific attributes in terms of their offense, defense, deployment rate, cost, etc. You can improve these stats through increasing the potential of your Operator.

Increasing Potential

Increasing Potential

Increasing your character’s potential will improve their attributes and this changes depending on the Operator that you have chosen. You need to check your Operator's stats through Operator Management and check the potential section. In order to increase it, you’ll have to use a character Token or a class Token, which can be obtained from events, the store, or through duplicate operators.

Since this resource is rare, make sure to increase potential of characters that you really like and if they are good on your team. You can check our different tier lists to see which Operators are good for increasing potential.

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