What is the Base system in Arknights?

What is the Base system in Arknights?
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What is the Base system in Arknights? This section of the game can be unlocked after you complete 0-11 in the game's campaign mode. The base lets you set up facilities for production, as well as other functions. You can assign different Operators in each facility, and expand the rooms based on the resources that you have available.

Arknights Base
Arknights Base

Resources Used

Drone - Used for cleaning, building, and upgrading of facilities. They are used upon usage and become available over time. Empty rooms that are cleanable can be accessed using this resource. As more rooms are cleaned, your drone count will increase. Drones are increased as you increase the power plant level.

Power - Any building and upgrading facilities use power. Depending on how much power you have, your facilities will be restricted by that number and cannot exceed it. Power can be increased by building power plants.

Lungmen Dollar - Used for production in your factories, and obtainable as well from stages. You can get goods from your facilities which are then placed on the trading post to get profits.

Command Center

Arknights Command Center
Arknights Command Center

The Command Center is the main section of the base, here you'll get to assign operators to run it, level it up, and more. In order to upgrade all you need in the base, make sure to complete your campaign and finish stage 3-4. Once you complete it to level 5, you'll have access to all of your base's facilities as well as unlocking their upgrade requirements.

You can also view a report regarding how your base is going through the control center. Press the Base Assistant button to bring up the report, you'll be able to view a summary on the right side.

Assistant Report
Assistant Report

Rooms will be unlocked after you clean them using drones. Depending on the amount you have, you can only clean a certain amount at a time.


As you clear more rooms in your base, you can assign them to have facilities that you can use. Here is the list of facilities available:


A place where you can assign Operators to increase their morale, furniture can be used to decorate your Dormitories.
Power Plant
Used to provide energy as your resource. Building, Upgrading, or Production using faciltiies require power. More Power Plants are needed to increase your output.
This facility lets you produce different resources. Items obtained here can be used for leveling up, gaining money, promoting, upgrading, and more.
Trading Post
You can trade gold bars you obtain and exchange them to LMD in this section. At later levels, LMD can be scarce if you're trying to maximize the strength of your Operators so this section is needed.
Lets you build items for upgrading your base, you can also get items here that you can use in the furniture section of the shop. Upgrading items can also be done here, and you can break down furniture you no longer need.
Reception Room
Allows you to earn Friend Credits that can be used in the shop. You get to activate a system that enables your Operators to find and receive clues, then invite friends for getting more. This room also lets you have more friends to be added.
HR Office
Lets you use the recruit section more efficiently; it upgrades more slots as you level up the office. You can also use this to refresh the class tags when recruiting.
Training Room
Lets you upgrade skills of your characters past level 7. In order for you to maximize your character, you need to upgrade this room to provide your operators with stronger skills

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