HR Office

HR Office
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What is the HR Office in Arknights? This lets you use the Recruit section more efficiently; it upgrades more slots as you level up the office. You can also use this to refresh the class tags when recruiting.


Improves the Recruit function

The main purpose of of the office is to improve the recruit function of the game. When you start out, you'll be able to have 2 slots for recruitment while the remaining 2 are locked based on your HR Office level. Once you unlock your HR Office to level 3, you'll get a total of 4 recruitment slots. Assigning an Operator to this facility improves the recruitment efficiency.

The cost for recruitment will also be reduced once the HR Office is open. This will help out when searching for potential Operators. In order to use bonuses of the office, head to the recruit section.


HR Office Upgrade

Once you upgrade your office, you'll unlock more recruitment slots in the recruit section. You can upgrade your HR Office as long as your Control Center is upgraded.

Here are the materials that you need for upgrading the HR Office:

1 -> 2
Listed Drones, x3 Concrete Building Material
2 -> 3
Listed Drones, x5 Reinforced Building Material

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