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What can I do in the friends section of Arknights? The friends section can be unlocked by completing TR-5 in the game's campaign. Here, you can set up your profile and set support units in order to help other people. You can add friends as well in order for you to view their profile and even their base.


The first tab contains your profile page, it shows your basic details such as your level, preferred assistant, game progress, list of support units, and even a small bio that you can edit.

Arknights Profile
Arknights Profile

Friends and Add

The next two tabs are Friends and Add, you can view your list of friends here or add players by searching their username. In your friends list, you can check their profile, view their base if you have a reception room, and see their support units available

Friends Details
Friends Details

Support Unit

The Support Unit section lets you assign an operator that can help out other players if needed. Once you have unlocked the Reception, you can increase the list of support units that you can assign so other players have more choices for help.

Support Unit List
Support Unit List

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