How do I unlock Auto Battle?

How do I unlock Auto Battle?
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Is there an Auto Battle feature in Arknights? In this game, it is called Auto Deploy and you should be able to unlock it when you complete TR 6 in Episode 00. Most of the game's features are accessible after you've completed this episode as well. TR 6 is a tutorial about AoE attacks. Just follow the instructions and complete that chapter.

TR 6
TR 6

How do I activate Auto Deploy in Battle?

Auto Deploy isn't activated if you complete an operation for the first time. In order to unlock this function, you must complete the operation without any enemies getting to the blue area. Once you have completed this, that operation will get a 3 star rating which is signified by blue icons.

Once you check your operation information, check for the 3 blue icons. The Auto Deploy will appear as a checkbox below that you can activate before you start a mission.

3 Star Rating and Auto Deploy Box
3 Star Rating and Auto Deploy Box

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