How to promote operators?

How to promote operators?
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How do I promote my Operator in Arknights? In order to promote characters, you'll have to open their stats through operator management and then check the promotion section on the right side.Promoting your character involves you to reach specific requirements, as well as having certain items. You can learn new skills as you promote your character, gain new talents, and even range.

Operator Promotion
Operator Promotion

In order to promote a character, you need to maximize their current level by leveling up your operator. The list of items needed are also shown, and you can press each item to see where you can farm or produce them. Some items can be obtained in the main story, while others can be produced at your base.

Once a character is promoted, they'll change to Elite 1. Another promotion will then finally leave them at Elite 2. Take note that each time a character is promoted, their level will reset and you'll have to raise it again.

Some of the items required for promotion are chips as well and other materials. Materials can be obtained from growth packs from the store aside from item drops. You can farm chips through the Chip Missions. For more details, please check our Chip Farming page.

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