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What are Squads in Arknights? Once you have completed the Tutorial of the game, you’ll be instructed to make your first headhunt so you can recruit an operator. Once the recruitment process is completed, you will then have to modify your team through the squads section.

Arknights Squads
Arknights Squads

You can have up to 4 squads available and you can customize the members of every squad. There are 12 Operators that you can place for every squad, so having a balance of different roles are preferred. You may create different squads based on the situations that you need. Some enemy types are weak to specific classes, so having a squad ready for that would be handy.

On the upper right, you’ll find a quick select button. This lets you highlight multiple Operators at once by number so they’ll be added to your squad. This is a faster way of picking members instead of placing them each one at a time.

Squads Quick Select
Squads Quick Select

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