What is the Parts Factory?
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What is the Parts Factory?

The parts factory is a new building and update added to the game with a focus on improvements for the APC's. It will allow for those who can unlock it the ability to make upgrades to the performance of the APC's and improve their function in the game.

The update has brought in the Parts factory building, along with a new currency item called Energy cores that are made in a second new building, the Energy Refining plants. You can place 4 of these.

The energy refining plants are similar to the Chip plants in that they require money to operate. Once you deliver money to then as a resource they start producing the Energy cores.

The cores are needed to upgrade The Parts Factory which allows you to product materials faster, and also to research the new Parts Production research tree items to improve and unlock various Part Factory processes.

How to use the Parts Factory

The parts factory itself is there to let you craft specific items to create an upgraded APC. Initially you are able to work towards an APC version called Trailblazer. This APC will have bonuses to gathering activities. It appears that other units will be available soon though.


To start you need to begin making materials. There are 4 types, Alloy plate, Rubber, Nano-materials and Sensors. Use the materials option to select one of these and drag it to the factory to start producing it. Materials come in a range of colours similar to heros, with white being the lowest and gold the highest quality. You can combine several lower level ones to make a higher level item. eg 4 white = 1 green.
You will need to complete research items to let you unlock the creation of the higher level items.


The depot option let you see the Materials that you have stored and any equipment that you have made from the materials. You can also combine materials hre to make higher level ones.


This section is to let you craft the components for the APC upgrade. There are 6 components needed for the Trailblazer, with benefits from each one. Check each item for the materials needed to make it and then craft the items when you can.




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