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What is the Doomsday Conquest?

What is the Doomsday Conquest?
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The Doomsday Conquest is a a long event that lasts around 8 weeks.

Doomsday Conquest

During the event the world map will have many tainted resource plots randomly played on it with varying levels of infection / difficulty. The higher the plot the harder it is to claim. The aim is to claim plots,. increase your resistance to the infections by harvesting resources and claim higher level plots to gain influence, earn money and resources and increase your alliances influence rating.

Plots can only be claimed if they are next to a plot that you or an alliance member has claimed or an alliance structure. It is essential that your alliance places an alliance center building to start the process.

Doomsday Alliance Duel

During the Conquest event there will be regular war periods during which similar level alliances from different states can declare ward on each other. The aim is to score points for your alliance by attacking and destroying honor structures placed by the enemy and destroying their alliance centers.

A well organised alliance with many active members participating in the attack (or defending your own bases) is essential to doing well in the wars.

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