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How to reset your password for IM30 accounts
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How to reset your password for IM30 accounts

If you have chosen to bind your game to an im30 account but have forgotten the password you used there is now an option to change the password. But only if you are logged in already with an IM30 account. If you know you are likely to change your device or want to be sure you don't lose your game in future you need to update your password to one that you know.

- Go to the Settings Menu and select 'Account'.
- Tap 'Bind Account' and then the first option which should say. im30 Binding Successful.
- In the im30 account screen you should have options for a PIN code setting and to change your password.

If you are not logged in and do not know the password any more then you have lost access to the game. There is unfortunately no other way to update the password outside of the game yourself but there is a support option from the developers.

- In the game find the support option next to your base building.
- Click [contact Us] - [Account Problem] - [Account Lost] to fill in the corresponding information;
- The information to be filled includes the ID, the State in which it is located, the registration time, and the purchase record.

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