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Specialities - Land Develpment

Specialities - Land Develpment
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Land development is a doomsday speciality skill appearing in the season X / New eden Doomsday seasons. You can find and unlock it under the green Resource speciality section.

Specialities - Land Develpment

The ability that is unlocked with this speciality skill is the ability to upgrade any plots that you have occupied in New Eden to a higher level. So for example you can upgrade a level 5 plot to a level 6 plot and so on.

There are 2 nodes to reach and level up with speciality points, the first node has 5 levels and will let you upgrade plots up to level 5 all the way up to 12 when it is fully levelled up with speciality points. The second node then lets up up grade to 13 through to 16. You will only be able to upgrade plots to the highest level hat you can occupy though depending on your virus immunity level.

Once you unlock this skill with your speciality points you can tap on an plot that you have occupies and send your troops there for 1 hour to upgrade it by one level. This doesn't cost you anything but the time. But you are not able to send many in a day as each trip will require 200 marching credits (a normal zombie attack will only use 1). These take a long time to regenerate.

Depending on your focus in Doomsday being able to unlock land development may not see important compared to unlocking additional immunity in the blue Construction Speciality section as this will help you take higher level plots. However if you are able to take a lot of plots and are in a stable location where you are able to keep them without risking them being taken from you then levelling them up to gain you more resource income and influence value will be a big benefit over time.

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