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How to stay safe in Last Shelter

How to stay safe in Last Shelter
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One of the main complaints we hear from newer players to the game is that they struggle to make progress when bigger players constantly attack them. It does lead to difficulties when it is easy for player to attack each other and there is no restriction on who can attack each other. There are steps you can take though to help yourself.

The danger level will depend a little on the state you find yourself in. Some states operate in relative peace, while others have many wars between alliances.

As a small new player you will initially have protection although as you level up this will go and you will be vulnerable to attack from other players in the state, and during cross state events (e.g. on the weekend during Clash of Zones) players from other states can cross over and attack you.

As a low level player you are not a very interesting target. Below lvl 10 you will not have many resources to plunder or troops to kill. As you gain levels and start to earn more you will be a target.

Join a good Alliance

The best way to avoid attacks is to be in an alliance. Preferably the strongest one you can find. If you are too small initially to be allowed to join a big alliance. Check for alliances that are farms / affiliates of a big alliance. They will come under the protection of the main alliance and allow you to ask for help if attacked. Most states have NAP agreements between large alliances and farm alliances to reduce or prevent any attacks

The safe class

The class you choose to play as will depend on how you want to play the game. But if you want to stay safe while you gain strength we recommend being a farmer. The farmer class has good resource production and importantly a level of resource protection that means that any attackers cannot take all of your earned resources.

Raiders have lower rss production and will need to attack other players to speed up their own progress. Meaning you will need to attack, making yourself enemies and costing yourself troops. You may prefer to do this though for the challenge. The trader is a team player and good for earning money, but you will loose more resources with any attack.


Shields are available in the game that will block any incoming attack. (you also cannot attack others while your shield is up). You can get shields that last from 8 hours up to 3 days. They are unfortunately expensive to buy in either diamonds or in alliance points but are worth trying to gain whenever you can. They are also often given in rewards for the daily challenges and clash of zones chests. So trying to complete these when possible will help.

If you can afford it try to obtain a 3 day shield each week (2500 diamonds) to use on the weekends. Unless you are planning to join the attack on the enemy state. If you are not fighting then activate a shield on Friday and you will be safe.


If you are not a raider and do not need to be attacking regularly, try to safeguard your troops by sending them out to gather, camp, or reinforce an alliance member so that when you are hit you do not end up having dead troops or lots of wounded to heal. Or if they are already wounded leave them in the hospital until you need them. They cannot be injured twice.

This may also make you less of a target as Clash of zones kill events and some daily event reward attackers with points for killing troops. If you don't have any live troops in your base you will be less of a target.


The best way to gain resources is to earn them in crates as rewards for completing stages of the daily challenge and clash of zones. These resources are stored in your items menu and can be used whenever you need them but are safe from any raid or attack. You can only lose the resources that are 'active' meaning the totals listed at the top of the screen.

When you have active resources try to use them up whenever you can. Especially if you are not yet able to shield consistently. Perform research and upgrade buildings to keep your levels low enough to not be a valuable target.

These are some general tips for keeping as safe as possible, but there will always be danger in this game. If you have any more tips for staying safe let us know below.

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