Last Shelter: Survival

Is Last Shelter pay to win?

Is Last Shelter pay to win?
Last Shelter: Survival Guide

We have a lot of questions and comments asking or suggestion that Last Shelter is a pay to win game. And if its possible to participate in the game without spending a fortune.

Last shelter is a grinder game here you need to slowly earn resources in order to improve your city and effectiveness in the world, to then allow you to earn more resources to improve further. As a free game there is always going to be the option to pay to speed up your progress, this is how the developers earn money to afford to continue development.

Paying for faster progress and better heroes will of course help to short cut the grinding process. But also as a grinder game a lot of the enjoyment can come from earning the resources and fighting enemies to improve instead.

Most importantly I believe that the game is not unfair to those who choose not to pay. Even with payments it is not easy to get everything in the game. Heroes are still awarded randomly for example and buying tickets for them does not guarantee you get what you want. You can still earn tickets for free in the game and while it is a slow process you can still get all the same benefits without paying just over a longer time scale.

So if you play the game without paying and enjoy the grind then you are sill able to get to the higher levels and there is still a lot of fun to have.

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