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How to rally against Wendell the Clown

How to rally against Wendell the Clown
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Wendell the Clown is a relatively new character in Last Shelter: Survival. He is a boss type zombie enemy that appears in random locations around the world map. But he does appear multiple times and there will almost always be one not far from you. There are good rewards for killing him but you are only able to make one kill a day.
How to rally against Wendell the Clown


He will appear at various levels of difficulty, with better rewards for the higher levels, similar to the other zombies. However only at levels 1, 5, 10 and 15. You can attack any level of Wendell but you only get the rewards if your rally makes the final killing blow against him and tackling Wendell above level 1 will take well equipped formations. So unless you are at a high level yourself and have friend to help you may be best sticking with the easy option.

Requirements to Rally.

This is the most important part as it is not explained in the game. If you want to have a successful rally you need to make sure that the following apply:

- You need to be in an alliance so that you can get other members to join your rally against the clown.

- The rally must contain 3 formations. This means that whoever starts the rally must have a Headquarters building of at least level 4 which unlocks the second rally slot (to give 3 total formations when rallying). If you don't have this the rally with simply fail each time and you will just be told it was cancelled.

- 2 alliance members must join the rally AND their troops must be able to reach you before the rally timer runs out. When you start the rally you must pick a ready time to give your friends time to join. It must be long enough for them to join up and include the time it takes for their troops to march from their base to yours.If the time runs out before they reach you, the rally will be cancelled, again with no reason explained.

- Finally the Wendell that you are attacking must still be there when the rally starts. If you choose an hour to give others plenty of time to join there is the chance that the Clown instance you are attacking will be defeated by someone else or just time out and disappear. This does seem to happen occasionally, and you will not get any message to tell you why it has failed. There will be another Wendell around though to try again.

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