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What is the Heroes Duel?

What is the Heroes Duel?
Last Shelter: Survival Guide

The heroes duel in Last Shelter is a chance to compete with your best army for some extra rewards. It now forms part of the state v. state challenges in the Clash of Zones in that you will be competing against players from the current clash of zones enemy state.

To enter keep an eye on the Events coming soon to see when the next Duel event will happen. When the event is on there will be 'Preparation' stages when you can enter by selecting a formation to use. You then need to wait for the duel to begin when you will be matched with enemy players in a sequence of battles to eliminate players until 1 remains.

Any special bonuses you have with your APC will not benefit the fight but your heroes skills will be effective.

What happens to my army / troops?

Your troops are not actually sent into battle so they will not need to leave your base. The battles are done theoretically and you can still use your army while the duels is happening. There will be no wounded from the battles either so you do not need to heal up after it is done.

What are the Rewards?

Rewards are given for the top performing players over the course of 3 rounds during the day. These will be hero EXP boosts as well as the usual resources.

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