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How to change state

How to change state
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The game divides players into states, areas of a world map that constrain the players to a fixed area. Within the area will be the resources you can take, the zombies you can fight and the other players that you can ally with or fight against.

The recently added Clash of zones now also pits states against each other in 1 on 1 battles each week.

There are 2 options for changing states, the first is when you are a new player to the game and the second is for established accounts over level 10.

New Players

When you start the game you will be placed in a random state with a number which is fine for most players but you may know of a friend you want to join or you may want to move to a high ranking state or just be setting up a second account and want to relocate to a state you already inhabit.

To change states the game will start you off with 2 'Newbie Teleports' These are special teleport that you don't need to earn and will allow you to change state.

Very Importantly though, the game rules only allow you to change state before you reach the level 6 base and before your game is 15 days old. At these points your newbie teleports will disappear. These are also only 2 of them so you cannot change more than twice.

To change state you need to navigate in the world map to find your required destination. You can browse the states via the World map, or if you know where you want to go you can enter the state number directly.

To browse the states, tap on the pin in a square icon on the lower left. This will take you to a state view where you can see your entire state map and yellow arrows pointing to neighbouring states. You can use these to move between the states. But for a faster way to find a specific state tap now on the Globe icon on the lower left. This will take you to a world overview where you can move around and find a state easily.

To go directly to a state number fro the world map view tap on the location co-ordinates near the bottom of the screen, then tap and edit the state number to the one you want to go to and tap 'Go to'

At this point you can tap on any location on the map and select the 'change state' option (not the teleport option as this costs 2000 dimonds). This will use one of the newbie teleports and place your city in a random location in the state. It does not allow you to teleport to a specific location unfortunately.

At this point you can remain where you are or if you want to move to a new location in the state you have 2 choices. You can teleport to a specific location, however you need to use an advanced teleport which costs 2000 diamonds. If you are a new player you will not yet have the diamonds although you can choose to buy them with real money.

If you have not yet joined an alliance then now is the time to do so. Once you are accepted into your first alliance you will receive an 'Alliance Teleport'. This allows you to teleport to a location close to the alliance commander. You cannot pick the location exactly but it will be within the alliance territory. We definitely recommend that you do this and save up your diamonds for a specific move later if you want to make one.

State Immigration

The second option to change states is via the State Immigration Event. This event is not open for every state but does get expanded to states over time. It is currently open for states 1-201. You can check if it is open for you in the Events Menu.

In the State Immigration event (Events menu) you have the option to choose a state to migrate to. The requirements for moving are: Minimum base level 10, No wounded in a doomsday lab (if you are in a doomsday event). You will also need immigration permits (item) to make the move. These need to be purchased with real money. You can find then from the State Immigration event menu.

The number of tickets it will ask you to use will depend on your power level If you have a high power level it will cost more tickets, this is to discourage high level players from moving to relatively newer states and dominating the players there who will most likely not have been playing for as long.

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