Last Shelter: Survival

How to get more rewards from Clash of Zones

How to get more rewards from Clash of Zones
Last Shelter: Survival Guide


The Clash of Zones event in Last Shelter Survival is a great way to earn large rewards regularly. It takes work to get there but once you know how to get 8 or 9 boxes each day you will find the game progress much easier.

The best way to profit from the CoZ event is to work through the research for Zone Commemoration. This will take a while and requires you to earn courage medals, but the more you research the better rewards you will get from CoZ and the more courage medals you can earn.

The final Zone commemoration research item will double the rewards you get every day and turn each event into one that can earn you more than you spend.

Join an alliance that regularly gets the 3 alliance CoZ rewards, to give you the 50% bonus tickets to use as well as hopefully earning some yourself.

Try to match up your activities with the CoZ days events (ie build a lot on the Tuesday Building day.) Then also try to watch the Daily Challenge Schedule to match up when you use the boost tickets so that your activities give you a chance of earning diamonds and rewards for both the daily (hourly) event and the COZ event at the same time.

If you can find in the daily event schedule 2 similar events back to back and pop a 50% or 100% bonus ticket just before one ends you can score for 2 daily events and the COZ event with a bonus boost all together if you time it right.

Save up your speed ups and rss for the days that you will need it. Only build on building days for example or if you can start large building projects at the right time so that they will finish on the building day. The same for research items.

We hope this helps you to maximise the rewards you earn. If you have any more tips please let us know in the comments below. If you need more help please check the rest of the guide or head to the Answers Page to ask questions.

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