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How can I Delete heroes - Splitting Heros guide

How can I Delete heroes - Splitting Heros guide
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Once you have been playing for a while you will have a collection of heroes that you don't use. In many cases you may have upgraded them in the past or spent wisdom medals unlocking and upgrading skills for them. And now they are useless. So can you delete them and claim back those spent resources?

Well in some cases yes you can although you won't get back exactly what you put in. The game has an option now to 'Split' heroes that you are not using.

How to split heros

Splitting Heroes is there to allow you to gain hero medals back to let you use them to upgrade useful heroes. It is not specifically there for deleting heros but does allow you use it for the purpose.

To start you need to go to the Hero menu interface (bottom right menu) and find a hero that you can use. It needs to be on that has a locked skill that requires hero medals to unlock. If you want to split / delete a purple hero then it needs to be one that requires at least one purple medal. Blue for blue. Unfortunately you cannot split green heros this way.
How can I Delete heroes - Splitting Heros guide
How can I Delete heroes - Splitting Heros guide
On the Unlock skill screen select the 'Choose' option next to the Hero Medal requirement that you need to open the Medal select screen. Scroll down on this screen to the bottom where you will find any unused heroes of this type that you can split.
How can I Delete heroes - Splitting Heros guide
Tap on any hero to see what you will get back from Splitting the hero. All heros give 1 hero medal. You do not get back any Hero EXP unfortunately, but if you have spent wisdom medals on the hero unlocking and upgrading skills then you should get some of those back and some money as well.
How can I Delete heroes - Splitting Heros guide
This is a good way to claim back some Wisdom medals for upgrading your more useful heroes.

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